Collection: yohaku

A brand based in Torigoe, Tokyo. From threads, fabrics, dyeing, and sewing, we work with domestic manufacturers to make clothes, and we specialize in clothes using knitted fabrics such as T-shirts and sweatshirts.
A sustainable production system, inheritance of yarn and dyeing techniques, and high quality using good materials. While thinking about how to make clothes, we repeat trial and error and continue to create our own style.
We are skillfully designing clothing that is continuous and keeps costs down, such as changing the shift from the exhibition method of making new items every season to continuing to make standard items. This is realized by consistently engaging in production from thread making, and the price is well balanced against high originality and quality.
The characteristics of yohaku's clothes are that the texture of the fabric, the stitching, the pattern of the sleeves and hem, etc., are comfortable to wear as everyday wear and the strength that can be worn for a long time. Personally, I feel that the thickness and weight of the fabric and the openness of the neckline make it a mature cut and sew that is typical of Japan, rather than being too casual. Even if you wear a cut-and-sew as the main item, it is not too casual and does not look childish. Also, there are many people who don't wear cut-and-sew mainly, but only wear yohaku as an inner layer.
Please enjoy yohoaku's clothes, which are perfect for the saying, "When choosing clothes in the morning, you can't help but pick them up."