About PINT

We are working on the theme of "modern folk implements".

I think there are various definitions of folk implements, but at PINT, we see them as “tools that you make and use yourself.”

For example, in the old days, farmers made straw sandals from rice straw during the off-season.

Not to sell or to show, just a tool for yourself to use.

Even if it doesn't have the luxury and brilliance of a work of art, it's quietly strong and beautiful.

I am fascinated by such things.

However, in this day and age, it is not realistic to make your own.

So, I leave it up to the professionals to make it.

However, it is not the person who makes it or the person who sells it who thinks about it, but the user himself.

We believe that this is the shortest way to make modern folk implements, and "Everyone's Tool" has made this possible.

However, there are many things that this method is not suitable for, so there are things that PINT thinks, and there are things that creators think about. Some are original and some are select.

We aim to introduce things that are close to PINT's folk tools, with high purity as tools, eliminating the parts for distribution and sales such as easy to convey and easy to sell.

What do you think is important when thinking about “tools”?

It can be used a lot every day and for a long time. It is easy to use and comfortable, and grows with age and every time you touch and use it.

For this, natural materials are suitable, so I use them. In order to preserve these characteristics, we do not apply coatings such as plating or painting.

Among them, we deal with materials that have been used in Japan for a long time, and materials that are still made in Japan as much as possible.

We believe that natural materials that have been grown and used in this land for a long time are most suitable for the climate and climate, and that their functional characteristics are also useful.

It grows every time you use it, every time you use it becomes a fun time, and this is actually the most important thing.

The manufacturing method often uses traditional manufacturing methods and old-fashioned machines.

It is not a commitment to tradition itself, and it often takes more time, effort, and cost than modern mass-production methods, but the texture of the finished product is different.

I would be very happy if the tools introduced by PINT could not only be used and enjoyed on a daily basis, but also become an opportunity to learn about and become interested in materials and things.

It has been 12 years since we gradually increased the number of materials, manufacturing methods, and creators, hoping to play a role in opening the door to such an entrance.

I use the words “folk implements” and “tools,” but I treat clothes as tools in the same way, and treat them side by side with the same idea.

I myself would like to move forward while interacting with creators and users, facing things as one of the users, and studying according to my interests.

Thank you for your continued support of PINT.

2023.02 PINT Nakaji

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