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  • リネンニットレギンス マチ付き|キキョウ|2 size
  • リネンニットレギンス マチ付き|キキョウ|2 size
  • リネンニットレギンス マチ付き|Mグレー|2 size
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  • リネンニットレギンス マチ付き|Mグレー|2 size
  • リネンニットレギンス マチ付き|Mグレー|2 size
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Linen knit leggings with gusset | Black | 2 size

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size別在庫数: SM - 0   L-LL - 1  



The popular linen knit (knitted) leggings have been redesigned with a gusset.

The gusset on the crotch prevents the inseam from slipping down, and the inseam is stronger. In addition, since the fabric has room, it is comfortable and easy to move.

In Japan, linen is associated with spring and summer, but in Europe, it is a material that is used daily in autumn and winter.
The macaroni-like structure creates a layer of air, so as long as it's not a thin fabric for spring and summer, you can actually use it regardless of the season. It is highly absorbent and quick-drying, so you can use it without getting stuffy.

These leggings are carefully knitted using a rare linen knitting technique using medium to slightly thick yarns. Just like linen knit socks, the linen knit structure does not feel too tight and is smooth to the touch, so you can wear it without stress.

It can be worn all year round because it is a medium weight linen knitted fabric.
The thickness of the thread and the knit structure provide sufficient heat retention as leggings. Although it is different from the warmth of wool, it is also recommended to wear in autumn and winter. Just one piece of medium-weight fabric will change the sensible temperature, and it won't get stuffy, so it's comfortable when paired with thick pants. Of course, it is also recommended for early spring and summer cooling.
Because of its fit, some people wear it when exercising, such as yoga or running, as room wear, or when sleeping.

It has a good fit, so you can wear it with slim pants, and you can wear it as a cold weather bottom. The hem is also neat, so it is easy to match with wide pants and skirts. The hem can be folded back to adjust the length.

The rise is deep and it is the length that comes above the navel.

There are two sizes, SM and L-LL. For men and those who don't like tightening around the stomach, we recommend the loose L-LL size.

Due to the material and structure, it contains nylon, but it is made with very fine thread so that it is linen as much as possible against the skin.

If you wear it for a day and take it off, it will stretch along the shape of your feet, but it will return to its original shape after washing, so you can use it with confidence.

Originally, Yamagata Prefecture's Kenland Co., Ltd., which has long continued to manufacture collection brand knit products centered on wool, has perfected the technology through repeated research. Specializing in linen knitwear is rare in the world, and the breadth of the lineup and the high quality are outstanding.

2-5 Same type different color TOP dark navy

S - M|Waist elastic 63cm, Inseam 72cm Total length 102cm
L - LL|Waist elastic 70cm, Inseam 72cm Total length 102cm

The hem is ribbed, so you can adjust the length by folding it.

Since we knit one by one, the length may differ slightly depending on the product.


[Material] 85% hemp, 15% nylon

・Please use a washing machine after using a laundry net. It can be washed by hand, but since it is done by hand, the amount of force applied varies depending on the part, so we recommend washing in a washing machine using a laundry net.
Knitted fabrics become softer with every wash.

[Manufacturing] Made in Japan Kenland KLU-M7540


A factory specializing in linen knitwear located in Yamagata Prefecture, where the knitting industry is thriving.

Linen is most often used as a woven fabric, and knits (knitted) are rarely seen. Kenland, which has long continued to manufacture collection brand knit products centered on wool, has perfected linen knit technology through years of research, and now specializes in linen knit and produces it as its own brand.

To make linen into a knit, the machines and manufacturing methods are different from those of weaving, so detailed management and accumulation of techniques such as thread making, knitting, and dyeing are required. The finished fabric itself and the suitable use are also different.

Of course, linen's high water absorption, quick-drying, fastness, coolness, and glossy texture of the thread are the same. On the other hand, there are also aspects such as "it is easy to wrinkle" and "it is taut and a little hard at first". The knitted structure of linen knit creates elasticity, does not wrinkle, and has a soft texture.

In addition, unlike wool knits, it can be machine washed. "Linen material x knit technology" has advantages that other combinations do not have.

Since there are various types of knitting, the appearance and stretchability of each are different. Having supported the knit production of collection brands for many years, the development of colors is also attractive.

I think that there are many people who are new to linen knit, but it is a material that I would like you to try once.