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  • MITTAN / レイヤードバッグ大 藍×胡桃 BA-10C
  • MITTAN / レイヤードバッグ大 藍×胡桃 BA-10C
  • MITTAN / レイヤードバッグ大 藍×胡桃 BA-10C
  • MITTAN / レイヤードバッグ大 藍×胡桃 BA-10C
  • MITTAN / レイヤードバッグ大 藍×胡桃 BA-10C
  • MITTAN / レイヤードバッグ大 藍×胡桃 BA-10C
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MITTAN / Large Layered Bag BA-10C Indigo x Walnut

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MITTAN is based on the concept of "modern folk clothes".

Thread and fabric materials, exploration of dyeing, how to make and deliver, repair and dyeing. It is a brand that looks at the way clothes are made and how they should be, and makes clothes with a consistent thought. The clothes are also made without compromise to the details, and like tools, we make clothes that can be used for a long time.

We use Peruvian cotton typewriter fabric. Typewriter fabric is a plain weave fabric woven with high density using high-quality cotton threads with long and thin fibers. increase. Since the fluff has not been removed by gas firing, etc., it feels a little fuzzy at the beginning of use, but as you continue to use it, the fluff will fall off, and the texture of the fabric will collapse, giving it a glossy feel.

I tear and cut by hand without using scissors. Dozens of distorted fabrics are layered by hand, adjusted by hand, and sewn with multiple stitches using only cotton thread. The design is based on an attempt to create a bag that can be used for generations with cotton cloth. There are 3 pockets on the inside, and it is also reversible.

A cloth tote bag that can be treated and nurtured like leather. The use of fabrics, patterns, and sewing are meticulously crafted. It is a MITTAN-like bag that makes you think that there is nothing else that can be done with a cloth tote bag.

The shape is the same as BA-9, The BA-10 here is cut by hand, and the BA-09 is cut with scissors. The fabric is also different.

For product details and background, please visit the MITTAN website below.

MITTAN clothes are designed and repaired on the premise that they will be worn for a long time, not just for one season, even when the fabric is worn out. See here for details of the fix.

100% cotton

Indigo x walnut (vegetable dyeing)

Body | Width 45 x Height 36 x Depth 12cm
Handle|Length 45 x Width 2cm

* Model height 160 cm

[Handling and care]
* Dyed with natural indigo. Repeated use will change to a lighter color. There is a possibility of color transfer, so please refrain from using light colors at first, wash with a neutral detergent, and dry in the shade. Because the product is dyed, the color and size of each item may vary slightly.

More details, including washing instructions, can be found here.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・You can see the list of colors of the same type from the #product name at the beginning of the introduction.

・ Different fabric, different cutting method MITTAN / Large layered bag BA-09


MITTAN proposes modern ethnic clothing based on the history of clothing and fabrics that remain in the world.

By reinterpreting the two-dimensional structure and combining it with the original functionality of natural materials, we aim to create long-lasting clothes that are not bound by the transient trends of the times.

・Production background
MITTAN mainly uses machine-woven textiles from Enshu, Banshu, and Bishu in Japan, as well as hand-woven textiles from Asian countries such as India and Laos.
As much as possible, designers go directly to the machine shop and work on original material development.
In addition, we use mainly cotton thread for sewing threads, and we use natural materials for accessories such as woven labels, quality labels, and buttons, and we sew at partner factories in Japan.
In addition to ordinary dyes, plants, indigo, insects, and minerals are used for dyeing, and the uneven transition of colors is also considered beautiful.

・Social responsibility
Since the establishment of the brand in 2013, we have continued to repair and re-dye it, and we have continued to develop standard products.
In addition, by continuing to convey the background from various aspects, we will bring back the clothes that have gone away mentally and physically to a more familiar existence and lead to continuous wear.

(Reprinted from the MITTAN website)

Find out more about meeting MITTAN and the brand here .