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  • yohaku 5本針長袖カットソー|ホワイト|レディース
  • yohaku 5本針長袖カットソー|ホワイト|レディース
  • yohaku 5本針長袖カットソー|ホワイト|レディース
  • yohaku 5本針長袖カットソー|ホワイト|レディース
  • yohaku 5本針長袖カットソー|ホワイト|レディース
  • yohaku 5本針長袖カットソー|ホワイト|レディース
  • yohaku 5本針長袖カットソー|ホワイト|レディース
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Yohaku 5-needle long-sleeved cut and sew | White | Ladies

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The long-sleeved 5-needle series is a long-seller among yohaku.

The neckline is sewn with 5 stitches, so it won't lose its shape or get twisted while wearing it. What I like is innerwear that I want to wear every day, but the stretching and slackness of the collar can be a hurdle when wearing a lot for a long time. You can wear it for a long time by keeping the shape of the beautiful round neck.

Of course, the fabric is also the commitment and quality unique to yohaku. The material is 100% cotton, and because of the milling method (often used for the ribbed parts of sweatshirts, etc.), it has elasticity and a flat, moist texture. The length is also long, so you can wrap it around your stomach and waist.

The hem is loosely rounded, giving it a feminine and soft look even when the hem is pulled out. The stitching on the back of the hem is reinforced with woolly thread, which is slightly stretchy, to prevent thread breakage.

It is an innerwear that is sure to be useful as a daily staple. Please try one first.


A brand based in Torigoe, Tokyo. From thread, fabric, dyeing, to sewing, we make clothes with domestic makers, and produce T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. We are good at clothes using cloth called knit. In the past, we mainly did OEM for brands, but now we focus on our own brand, yohaku, and handle planning, manufacturing, and sales.

The best feature of yohaku is that they design the clothes themselves. The way of thinking is very similar to PINT, which aims for a new form of manufacturing, and he is a creator with a lot of sympathy.

A sustainable production system, inheritance of yarn and dyeing techniques, and high quality using good materials. While thinking about how to make clothes, we repeat trial and error and continue to create our own style. We are skillfully designing clothing that is continuous and keeps costs down, such as changing the shift from the exhibition method of making new items every season to continuing to make standard items.

For this reason, we are able to keep prices low while maintaining high originality and quality because we are consistently involved in production. Of course, the clothes themselves are comfortable to wear, and you can wear them for a long time as everyday wear.

The texture of the fabric, sewing, the pattern of the sleeves and hem, etc., as everyday wear Comfort and strength to be worn for a long time are considered. Personally, I feel that the thickness and weight of the fabric and the openness of the neckline make it a mature cut and sew that is typical of Japan, rather than being too casual. Therefore, the balance that is not too casual and does not look childish is attractive.

Also, even if you don't have a casual cut and sewn style, there are many people who only wear yohaku as an inner layer.

Please enjoy yohaku's clothes, which are perfect for the saying, "When choosing clothes in the morning, you can't help but pick them up."

cotton 100%


ladies free size

Shoulder Width 25.5 Width 32 Armhole 42 Length 73cm

model 160cm

[Handling and care]
machine washable

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

Colors include charcoal, light gray, and white. Only white is slightly transparent.

size is Women's free size, 1 size development.

・There are tank tops and long-sleeved cut-and-sews as part of the 5-needle series. The fabric is the same, but the specifications such as sewing are different, so please refer to each page.