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  • 【オーダーメイド】アイアンラック(フレーム本体のみ)
  • 【オーダーメイド】アイアンラック(フレーム本体のみ)
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[Made to order] Iron rack (frame only)

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It is an iron shelf body that can be used with shelf boards.

It will be manufactured in the original size after receiving an order. You can also specify the height, depth, width, and height of each shelf.

The shelf size of the PINT store in the photo is 1710mm high x 500mm wide x 264mm deep. It seems that there aren't many products with a narrow depth, and many people in stores ask for the same size. The material is thin, so it's nice that it doesn't look too heavy.

If you pass the shelves in a set of two and use them, the total width of the entire shelf can be determined by the length of the shelves. If you cut or cut the shelf board, the total width of the shelf will be narrower. If you adjust the balance of the length of the shelf board and use it, you can use it alone.

Since thin iron material is used, even a single woman can easily carry it if it is the size of the photo. Easy to set up, remodel, and move.

It is used in PINT stores, and the shelf board is simply placed on it. Compared to the integrated shelf, the stability is lower, but there is no problem in using it as a daily shelf, such as putting things in and taking them out. The main body of the iron rack is made of iron and has strength, so there is no problem with the load capacity in this size. However, please note that the load capacity varies depending on the shelf board material. The top board used in PINT is made of cedar wood with a thickness of 23.5 mm, but the load capacity of the shelf board seems to be difficult for lining up large books.

In addition, although it depends on the material of the shelf board, there are screw holes in the iron rack body so that it can be fastened with screws. The screws themselves are painted in the same color as the iron rack.

The surface that touches the floor has an adjuster, so it can be adjusted for stability. Even though the simple design and materials are used, such detailed specifications create a well-balanced overall appearance.

This rack is only for the main unit and does not come with a shelf board.

For the shelf board, choose a board with a beautiful expression at a home center or lumber store that can be cut, or choose old wood that you like. Wood, mortar, iron, etc. vary depending on the customer. There are plywood stores that allow you to specify the size on the web shop.

The shelf board used in the PINT pictured here is made from rough cedar wood that has been sanded and waxed. (Previously, we introduced the distributor, but due to the supply of wood, this shelf has been discontinued.)

If you are concerned about size and strength, please feel free to contact us regarding your intended use. After receiving your request for specifications, we will create a drawing and send you an estimate including specifications such as dimensions and shipping charges. After confirmation, we will proceed to payment and production. Since the thickness and depth of the shelf are also related, if you have already prepared the shelf, please let us know the dimensions of the shelf.

*Change in specification of the front part of the top row*

▼ Old specification There is no iron material in front of the top.

New specification Iron material enters in front of the top shelf. You can't enter anything other than the top row. The front of the bottom row is common for both new and old.

The design and production of this product is done by HALO, who specializes in metal bending technology and performs various manufacturing processes including welding.

We will manufacture it after you place an order. Depending on the timing, it will take about 1 to 2 months. If you have a desired schedule, please feel free to contact us as we will adjust it as much as possible.

I would be happy if you could enjoy creating how to use it freely and lightly.

Iron (black material, 9.5 mm square) matte clear coating

[ specification】
Screw holes for attaching leg adjusters and shelf boards

Dedicated screws for mounting shelf boards

Photo rack body size (per unit): Height 1710mm x Width 500mm x Depth 264mm (sizeA)
6 shelves: Shelf brackets at 50mm/324mm/648mm/938mm/1312mm/1686mm from the floor.
Shelf board size: Uses a cedar board with a depth of 23.5mm x 2000mm.

[Size Category | Number of Units List]
Up to width 600 x depth 350 x height 1800 mm | Up to 6 shelf brackets | Set of 2 → 79,750 yen
Up to width 600 x depth 350 x height 1800 mm | Up to 6 shelves | 1 unit → 50,270 yen
Width 800 x Depth 500 x Height 751-1200 mm | Up to 5 shelves | Set of 2 → 77,000 yen
Width 800 x Depth 500 x Height 751-1200mm | Up to 5 shelves | 1 unit → 48,180 yen
Up to width 800 x depth 500 x height 750 mm | Up to 4 shelf brackets | Set of 2 → 74,520 yen
Up to width 800 x depth 500 x height 750 mm | Up to 4 shelf brackets | 1 unit → 46,750 yen

* It is also possible to add sizes other than the above, add the number of shelf supports, and change the size of the two units.

▼The size of the shelf in the photo is an example of a set of 2 units.

Body external dimensions: Height 1710m x Width 500mm x Depth 264mm (Inside depth: 245mm)

Shelf support position (height from the floor, from the bottom)
6th stage: 1686mm
5th stage: 1312mm
4th stage: 938mm
3rd stage: 648mm
2nd stage: 324mm
1st stage: 50mm
*This value + the thickness of the shelf (24mm in this case) is the height from the floor to the top of the shelf.

A shelf board: Thickness 24mm Depth about 235mm Length 2000mm

sizeA|set of 2 → 79,750 yen

▼The size of the shelf in the photo Example of using one unit

Body external dimensions: Height 930mm x Width 620mm x Depth 430mm (Inside depth: 410mm)

Shelf support position (height from the floor, from the bottom)
5th stage: 910mm
4th stage: 585mm
3rd stage: 480mm
2nd stage: 260mm
1st stage: 50mm
*This value + the thickness of the shelf (20mm in this case) is the height from the floor to the top of the shelf.

Shelf board: Thickness 20mm Depth 400mm Length 1500mm

An example of using a shelf board that is longer than the main unit. I tried using cheap laminated wood here, but it goes well with a thin black iron. There are 5 shelves so that you can choose between 3 or 4 shelves. The photo shows 4 tiers.

The photo was taken at an event at the Ryuso Nui Shoe Shop . Photographed by Ryuso Nui Shoe Shop. I made this size with the image that clothes can be laid flat and stacked, but the shoes also looked good. It may be good to narrow the depth and use it as a shoe rack.

sizeB|1 unit → 48,180 yen

▼Production examples of customers

Production example specifications and details

<How to order>

Please fill in your desired specifications from this <Iron Rack Quotation Request Form> . We will prepare a drawing and an estimate that calculates the shipping and packing costs, and will contact you by email.

Please check the drawing and shelf board installation image, and if you wish to make any changes, we will reflect the changes in the drawing.

Once the specifications have been finalized and the order has been placed, payment will be processed. We will guide you through the desired procedure, either "bank transfer" or "credit card payment".

After payment is confirmed, we will start production and deliver it after completion.

* Due to system reasons, you can also place an order using the cart from this page, but you will need to confirm the specifications and delivery schedule, and adjust the shipping fee calculation. Please use the <estimate request form> for the smoothest procedure.

<delivery method>

Due to the size of the item, it is not eligible for free shipping. It will be delivered by Kuroneko Yamato's Rakuraku household goods courier service.

The price will vary depending on the shipping destination and size, so we will contact you when we make an estimate.

If the delivery destination is in the suburbs of Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture or in Kyoto City, direct delivery is also possible. The fee will be around 4000 to 5000 yen, depending on the area.

▼Less than furniture series▼

"Less than furniture" proposed by PINT.

"Less than furniture" is, as the name suggests, something that is not furniture, but can be used as furniture. As someone who runs PINT, this is my personal preference, but I've lived my life without the desire to buy furniture that will last a lifetime. Depending on the number of people living and the environment, the house and floor plan changed, and there were many moves. Under such circumstances, I didn't want to bring large furniture, and I wanted to be able to use the space freely in a small house and move around easily. was making It was easy to store and use, and I liked the stress-free not having to carry large furniture.

When I opened a physical store in Kyoto, I didn't buy so-called fixtures or furniture, and built the store with legs, boxes, and tables on top so that I could freely change the layout.

When I started selling it at the store while actually using it at the store, I imagined that not only people with lifestyles similar to mine, but also people who own their own homes would use it as sub-furniture or use it in stores. I was able to use it freely and widely.

After actually using it in a store, it was not only easy to use, but also durable.