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  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
  • 【オーダーメイド】ポジャギカーテン|コットン×リネン
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[Made to Order] Pojagi Curtain|Cotton x Linen

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The original pojagi curtain that is popular at PINT's Kyoto store.

Bojagi is a traditional Korean patchwork cloth. It has been used as a "wrapping" cloth like Japanese furoshiki, making use of remnants of clothing. Today, it is also popular as a decorative cloth for hanging because of the beauty of the combination of fabrics and the patchwork design.

They come in a variety of colors, but in terms of fabric, they are usually made from hemp cloth, so many of them have a slightly thick impression. Even if you use antique or modern white fabric, the thickness of the fabric is quite impressive, so it tends to give a slightly heavy impression. That's part of the impression that there are many small sizes, and large sizes are often quite expensive.

The origin of this original Pojagi is the small remnants of PINT's linen products. Since it is a good fabric, even small remnants cannot be thrown away.

I consulted Mr. Hakoda of drole "M", who mainly produces stage costumes, and this pojagi curtain was born.

The small pieces of fabric in the photo are linen scraps. It was used for handkerchiefs and wrapping cloths, and it is a linen fabric with a finer count than the general pojagi. The main item is an extra-fine count cotton fabric. High-quality fabric with a thin and smooth texture. Linen scraps come in two colors: white and beige. The photo is white. Please choose one when ordering.

It is much thinner than a typical bojagi, and it looks lighter, and the light is gentle and transparent, and it is also elegant. Since it is thin, it is a pojagi that you can enjoy hanging rather than wrapping it or laying it down.

You can freely specify the vertical and horizontal sizes, and we will manufacture each item as an original. Mr. Hakoda adjusts the balance of the combination of fabrics based on the size, considers the pattern design, and produces it. As for the size and arrangement of the pattern, the actual photos on this page serve as a guideline, but we will consider the combination and pattern that are suitable for the shape of the order. Basically, we leave it to you, but if you have any requests, please contact us in the remarks column above the cart button.

Hang it by the window, shade a small window, or decorate it as a tapestry. The stitching on the back side is also neatly processed, so it is also recommended for partitioning large spaces. Because the fabric is thin, it is see-through.

The reason why it was born was to make use of scraps, just like traditional pojagi, but now we have pojagi curtains that are suitable for modern Japanese living spaces. For a while, we only sold them at our Kyoto store, but they have been used not only in living spaces such as wall decorations in the living room and small window size, but also in various other situations, such as stores, artists' studios, and exhibition events. I'm here.

I would be happy if you could enjoy the original size pojagi in various ways.

Apart from the curtains, a stick is passed by the window and hung as a drapery. It doesn't cover all the windows, but it gently catches the light like a lace curtain.

The main body base is cotton fabric, and the small different material part is linen fabric.

photo size
Length 158cm x Width 130cm = 288cm

"Body length and width size 290 cm" 31,416 yen
"5 knot strings" 330 yen x 5 = 1,650 yen
Total: 33,066 yen

will be

<Body size and price>

・The amount is determined by the total length and width. Please consider the vertical and horizontal directions as seen from the front in the top photo. If there is a tie string, it will be attached to the upper side (= horizontal size).
・The price increases by 924 yen in increments of 10 cm.

~100cm = ¥13860
100〜110cm = ¥14784
110〜120cm = ¥15708
120〜130cm = ¥16632
130〜140cm = ¥17556
140〜150cm = ¥18480
150〜160cm = ¥19404
160〜170cm = ¥20328
170〜180cm = ¥21252
180〜190cm = ¥22176
190〜200cm = ¥23100
200〜210cm = ¥24024
210〜220cm = ¥24948
220〜230cm = ¥25872
230〜240cm = ¥26796
240〜250cm = ¥27720
250〜260cm = ¥28644
260〜270cm = ¥29568
270〜280cm = ¥30492
280〜290cm = ¥31416
290〜300cm = ¥32340
300〜310cm = ¥33264
310〜320cm = ¥34188
320〜330cm = ¥35112
330〜340cm = ¥36036
340〜350cm = ¥36960
350〜360cm = ¥37884
360〜370cm = ¥38808
370〜380cm = ¥39732
380〜390cm = ¥40656
390〜400cm = ¥41580
400〜410cm = ¥42504
410〜420cm = ¥43428
420〜430cm = ¥44352
430〜440cm = ¥45276
440〜450cm = ¥46200
450〜460cm = ¥47124
460〜470cm = ¥48048
470〜480cm = ¥48972
480〜490cm = ¥49896
490〜500cm = ¥50820
500〜510cm = ¥51744
510〜520cm = ¥52668
520〜530cm = ¥53592
530〜540cm = ¥54516
540〜550cm = ¥55440
550〜560cm = ¥56364
560〜570cm = ¥57288
570〜580cm = ¥58212
580〜590cm = ¥59136
590〜600cm = ¥60060

<Knot string>

・330 yen per place

The tying string is made of the same fabric as the main body, and two thin strings are sewn on the main body. You can tie it and hang it or hang it. In the actual product, 5 points are attached to the top (width) 130cm side. (If there is not enough, the space between the tying strings will tend to sag.)

If there is a tie string, it will be attached to the top when viewed from the same front as the top photo. Basically, it is attached at equal intervals from both ends.

If none, it will be a square cloth. Without it, you can use it vertically, horizontally, or vertically.

<Types of linen fabric>

▼ White


Length 120cm x Width 80cm
As a decoration, on the mattress.

▼Indigo dyeing

Genuine indigo dyeing, length 180cm x width 90cm
At the event of Yukari Saka, an indigo dyeing artist who is giving away this indigo remnant.
Mr. Saka is a true indigo tie-dyeer and is making various works. Therefore, the patterns and fabrics of the scraps are all different. The indigo blue is like stained glass, and it is very beautiful when light shines through the large size.
No tying string is attached, and it is hung with a pinch.

<About parts and design>

・The actual photo here shows a combination of large and small cut fabric parts with a strong contrast.

→ "Parts Please write in the remarks column that the difference between large and small is weakened .

・If you plan to use multiple sheets side by side, arrange the design so that the balance is good even if you line up.

Please write in the remarks column that you plan to use 2 sheets side by side .

Main fabric: 100% cotton fabric
Small fabric parts of different materials: 100% linen
Made-to-order: Produced in the specified size
Photo 1-7: Length 158cm x Width 130cm

[ Shipping method】
It will be shipped directly from the creator. Letter Pack Plus (520 yen), or Japan Post Yu-Pack for large items. Shipping charges are not included in the selling price. If the total order amount (including other products) is 15,000 yen or more, it will be free.

Even if you place an order with other products, they will be shipped separately. In addition, free shipping on total order amount is calculated for each shipping origin.

▼Past examples of production and usage

How to use Pojagi Curtain

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・We also accept the production of noren. It is made with a hanging process called chichi, which is a noren specification. Please let us know the desired size and specifications from the inquiry . We will contact you with a proposal of specifications and an estimate.

・For the balance of the design, we can only accept orders for "Remnant fabric: off-white/white mix" in How to use everyone 47 if the overall size is somewhat large. Please consider using about 250 cm as a guide. If you wish, select "linen fabric type: unbleached" and write " Please indicate that you would like an off-white/white mix. The price is the same as "white" and "off-white".