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[Size order] Iron hanger rack

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Iron hanger rack that can be easily disassembled and assembled with a hexagonal wrench.

It has a simple shape and looks good even if you leave it in the room.

It is manufactured after receiving an order, and the width can be freely specified between 60 cm and 120 cm. (The length is the length of the bar. The actual maximum width is about the bar length + side nut = order length + 4 cm.)

  • 60cm〜89cm ¥22000
  • 90cm〜120cm 24200 yen

When ordering, please enter the desired length in 1cm increments in "Bar length (cm)" and select the appropriate one for "Bar length (~89 / ~120) ". (Example: For 93cm → Enter "93" + select "90~120cm")

Since it has a structure that can be disassembled, it may sway a little more than the integrated type, but there is no problem when using it on a daily basis to hang or take off clothes.

If the bar length is 120cm, the load capacity is 40kg. Even a duffle coat weighs in the lower half of 1kg, so it is strong enough to hang heavy winter clothes.

When disassembled, it is divided into 5 parts. It's heavy because it's made of iron, but if you disassemble it, it's just a thin stick-shaped part, so if you lean it against the corner of your closet or storage, it's compact. Many people use it in shops, and there are cases where it can be disassembled and carried around (the disassembled parts can be tied up with a string and delivered in Yu-Pack 170 size).

The material is a material called black leather. Iron is formed at a high temperature of about 1000°C, and when the temperature drops, the surface is oxidized and a film is formed, and this film is a black scale. Because of this surface coating, there is no problem of rust. It is not painted or plated, but is naturally occurring, so the color shades and textures are not constant, but the rich texture of the material is attractive. As you use it, the taste will increase due to the friction with the hanger. At the time of material arrival, there may be scratches. It is not a scratch or unevenness, it is not a defect, so please understand it as the expression of this black iron.

As an option, a dedicated original hook can also be attached. Easy to install, just clip it on the stick and fasten it. One rack can be installed on one side or two on both sides. Each hook costs 660 yen.

The soles are padded with the same color cushioning.

Assembly is recommended by two people, but can be done by one adult.

Design and production is HALO, which specializes in metal bending technology and performs various manufacturing processes including welding.

We will manufacture it after you place an order. Depending on the timing, it will take about a month. After confirming your order, we will contact you to confirm the delivery date. If you have a desired schedule, please feel free to contact us as we will adjust it as much as possible.

iron black bark

Dedicated nut, hex wrench

When assembled | Height 146 cm x Depth 36 cm x Width 124 cm
*Width varies depending on length ordered. The actual size in the photo is 120cm. Including the side nut parts, the order length will be +4 cm.
When disassembled|Side part length 147cm x 2, bar (round bar) length x 3, nuts 6

Bar thickness: 12mm diameter

<How to order>

*Please select "bar length" and "number of dedicated hanger hooks" as options.

*Prices are different for "60cm-90cm" and "91cm-120cm".

*After confirming your order, we will inform you of the delivery schedule by e-mail. If you have a desired schedule, please feel free to contact us as we will adjust it as much as possible.

<delivery method>

We will send you a Yu-Pack 170cm size. Directly from the manufacturer, the shipping fee is as follows by region. Because it is a large item, it is not eligible for free shipping and includes packaging costs.

Honshu/Shikoku/Kyushu: 3500 yen
Hokkaido/Okinawa: 4100 yen

・You can specify the date and time after the delivery date that will be communicated after ordering and payment. The delivery time zone for Yu-Pack delivery is as follows.

12:00 to 14:00
From around 14:00 to around 16:00
From around 16:00 to around 18:00
From around 18:00 to around 20:00
From around 19:00 to around 21:00
Around 20:00-21:00

▼Less than furniture series▼

"Less than furniture" proposed by PINT.

"Less than furniture" is, as the name suggests, something that is not furniture, but can be used as furniture. As someone who runs PINT, this is my personal preference, but I've lived my life without the desire to buy furniture that will last a lifetime. Depending on the number of people living and the environment, the house and floor plan changed, and there were many moves. Under such circumstances, I didn't want to bring large furniture, and I wanted to be able to use the space freely in a small house and move around easily. was making It was easy to store and use, and I liked the stress-free not having to carry large furniture.

When I opened a physical store in Kyoto, I didn't buy so-called fixtures or furniture, and built the store with legs, boxes, and tables on top so that I could freely change the layout.

When I started selling it at the store while actually using it at the store, I imagined that not only people with lifestyles similar to mine, but also people who own their own homes would use it as sub-furniture or use it in stores. I was able to use it freely and widely.

After actually using it in a store, it was not only easy to use, but also durable.