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  • 【サイズオーダー】オーガニックリネンのシンプル吊りカーテン
  • 【サイズオーダー】オーガニックリネンのシンプル吊りカーテン
  • 【サイズオーダー】オーガニックリネンのシンプル吊りカーテン
  • 【サイズオーダー】オーガニックリネンのシンプル吊りカーテン
  • 【サイズオーダー】オーガニックリネンのシンプル吊りカーテン
  • 【サイズオーダー】オーガニックリネンのシンプル吊りカーテン
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[Size order] Simple hanging curtain of organic linen

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A hanging curtain that simply uses the 40 count fabric used for PINT's linen tablecloths.

It is made by joining 100% linen fabric with a width of about 110 cm. Since it is woven with an old-fashioned shuttle loom, the selvage of the fabric is used as it is (on the left and right sides of the curtain). The cut surface of the fabric (upper and lower sides of the curtain) is finished with sewing.

It is not a curtain with so-called curtain hooks, but a cloth attached to the size of the curtain. Please hang this with commercially available curtain clips. (curtain clips not included)

If you choose the fabric you like, the price of curtains will be very high. It was a compromise from time to time.

It all started with a simple form of PINT linen fabric. When I was using it at the store, there were many people who wanted it, so I started making size orders. While keeping the specifications simple and keeping the price down, we made it a PINT-like flexible product with margins. It's a large cloth, so it's easy to wash.

The thickness of the fabric is about the same as or slightly thinner than a typical curtain. PINT uses the same 40-count slightly thick fabric as the one used for the tablecloth . Like other linen fabrics, it is a high-quality fabric woven on an old-fashioned shuttle loom in Omi, Shiga Prefecture, and is a quality fabric used for apparel. Curtains have a large fabric volume, so good fabrics can change the impression of the space.

The fabric color in this photo was used for two years in a southwest facing room with strong afternoon sun. The color fades in the sun and gives a light brown impression, but when a new product is delivered, it will be the fabric color (grayish beige) shown in the photo below.

Please note that tanning occurs uniformly with fabrics made of natural materials. Please see the product photos on this page as a reference after aging (after sunburn).

Based on the concept of the "Furniture Series" developed by PINT, the quality of the fabric is kept intact and the production is very simple. Please note that the image may be different for those who are looking for a so-called "curtain".

I hope that you will enjoy creating a space in your room lightly and freely. It is also possible to reduce the length when moving.

<About size>

After you place an order, it will be made to order according to your size.

Vertical (Length): 1cm units (Example: 170cm, 214cm...)

Width (width): Multiples of fabric width approx. 110cm (110cm, 220cm, 330cm)

The actual size of the PINT store in the photo is

Window width = 450cm
Curtain size = "Vertical size: Length 190cm" "Horizontal size: Width (330cm)" "Quantity: 2"
Price = 34430 yen x 2


*The size is up to you, but the actual size in the photo is 660cm in total for the window width of 450cm and the width of the two curtains (left and right). I made it about 1.5 times the width of the window. Please see the first photo on this page for reference when it is closed. In this case, the bottom edge of the curtain is 20 cm below the window frame.

*Since the fabric width 110cm is used up, only multiples of 110cm (110cm, 220cm, 330cm) are possible.
*Please note that the width of the fabric varies between 110-115 cm depending on the fabric lot.
*There is almost no shrinkage due to washing.
*The distance between the window and the curtain rail and the height of the curtain clip will vary depending on the installation environment and the curtain clip.


(Vertical) Length x (Width) Width: Below is a list of prices by size.

(Vertical) Length: 550 yen per 10 cm. Less than 10 cm will be rounded up. (Example: 195cm→200cm)

(Horizontal) Width: Multiples of fabric width 110cm (110, 220, 330cm). The price is determined by length price x number of rows.

Quantity: 1 = 1 piece. If you want to attach both left and right sides to one window, please choose 2 = 2 pieces. If you want different widths for left and right, please place an order for each size.

▼Price List▼

(Length) 50〜100cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥6050
(Length) 50〜100cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥13750
(Length) 50〜100cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥20900
(Length) 101〜110cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥6600
(Length) 101〜110cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥14850
(Length) 101〜110cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥22550
(Length) 111〜120cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥7150
(Length) 111〜120cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥15950
(Length) 111〜120cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥24200
(Length) 121〜130cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥7700
(Length) 121〜130cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥17050
(Length) 121〜130cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥25850
(Length) 131〜140cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥8250
(Length) 131〜140cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥18150
(Length) 141〜140cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥27500
(Length) 141〜150cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥8800
(Length) 141〜150cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥19250
(Length) 141〜150cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥29150
(Length) 151〜160cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥9350
(Length) 151〜160cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥20350
(Length) 151〜160cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥30800
(Length) 161〜170cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥9900
(Length) 161〜170cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥21450
(Length) 161〜170cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥32450
(Length) 171〜180cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥10450
(Length) 171〜180cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥22550
(Length) 171〜180cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥34100
(Length) 181〜190cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥11000
(Length) 181〜190cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥23650
(Length) 181〜190cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥35750
(Length) 191〜200cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥11550
(Length) 191〜200cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥24750
(Length) 191〜200cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥37400
(Length) 201〜210cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥12100
(Length) 201〜210cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥25850
(Length) 201〜210cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥39050
(Length) 211〜220cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥12650
(Length) 211〜220cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥26950
(Length) 211〜220cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥40700
(Length) 221〜230cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥13200
(Length) 221〜230cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥28050
(Length) 221〜230cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥42350
(Length) 231〜240cm × (Width) 110cm = ¥13750
(Length) 231〜240cm × (Width) 220cm = ¥29150
(Length) 231〜240cm × (Width) 330cm = ¥44000

100% organic linen

Photo size: Length 190cm x Width 330cm

* Made to order with original size. We will manufacture it in the original size you specified.