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  • 【木目選択可】ろくろ挽きの木皿 栃の木 24cm
  • 【木目選択可】ろくろ挽きの木皿 栃の木 24cm
  • 【木目選択可】ろくろ挽きの木皿 栃の木 24cm
  • 【木目選択可】ろくろ挽きの木皿 栃の木 24cm
  • 【木目選択可】ろくろ挽きの木皿 栃の木 24cm
  • 【木目選択可】ろくろ挽きの木皿 栃の木 24cm
  • 【木目選択可】ろくろ挽きの木皿 栃の木 24cm
  • 【木目選択可】ろくろ挽きの木皿 栃の木 24cm
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[Wood grain can be selected] Wooden plate for turning on a potter's wheel horse chestnut 24cm

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** You can choose the wood grain from the current inventory **
Please see the link below and select your preferred number. The link contains images of all sizes. Please choose from the applicable size.

Wooden Plates Turned on a Potter's Wheel Wood Grain List

This is a link to a data sharing folder called dropbox managed by PINT. "Display/browse in the browser", "Do not use dropbox" You can view it by selecting "Display/Browse ". If you can't see Please feel free to contact us from " Inquiries ".

Thin construction that makes it stand out. A single solid wood plate is ground on a potter's wheel and finished with a natural oil finish.

◆ Tree Species Horse chestnut tree. The expression of the wood grain is rich, and the individual differences in each grain are large, giving it the charm of a natural material. Horse chestnut may have dark spots or lines, but this is not a stain or defect, but a part of the wood grain.

We use a single piece of solid wood instead of laminated wood. Therefore, each grain has a different expression, but there is only one grain. In addition, solid wood that does not use urethane paint, coating, or adhesive is alive and continues to breathe. Movement may occur due to changes in humidity and temperature.

To minimize this, it should be thoroughly dried. In addition to the age of the tree, it takes a long, long time to dry until it is sawed into wood and before it is turned on a potter's wheel by a woodturner.

After a long drying time, the wood is shaved one by one by craftsmen called kijishi in Nagiso, Nagano Prefecture.

The wood is attached to the horizontal potter's wheel, and while rotating at high speed, the planer is applied to it. Aligning in one shape is only the sense of eyes and hands. Various shapes are made, from bowls like the one in the photo to flat plates.

◆Size and shape
With a diameter of 24 cm, one plate arrangement, pasta, fried rice, salad, main dish side dish etc.

It is quite thin. It has a curve that disappears toward the bottom, and it also has a lightness that makes it look like it is floating.

The surface is curved, so it can be used for juicy items. It's thin, so it's light when you hold it. The lightness that ceramics don't have is a great advantage of wooden plates that you can feel when you use them.

With natural oil finish, you can enjoy aging.

About daily use How to use PINT
Also serving as a test, various things are served on this wooden plate. Soy sauce-based stir-fry, grilled eggplant, tomato sauce, oil-based pasta, salads and dressings, bread, fried rice... I use whatever I would normally eat.

Soy sauce, grilled eggplant, tomato sauce, etc. will stain a little, but after washing, serving other things, and applying olive oil, it will gradually blend into the bark and become less noticeable.

I don't do any special care, and when I use it for oil-based pasta, I spread it out before washing it and occasionally replenish the oil content.

After using, even if you can't wash all the dishes, quickly wash them together with the cutting board and kitchen knife and wipe them dry. Also, do not use the microwave, dishwasher, or refrigerator.

Although there is some warping, it is not at all noticeable when used as a plate. It's also nice that it won't break easily even if you drop it. Wooden dishes with a natural oil finish are attractive because they grow as you use them, a feature that is rarely seen in tableware made of other materials.

The last picture is the one that has been used for 5 years and has grown quite dark. Rather than trying to keep it in new condition, it is recommended that it be used and seasoned with ingredients and oil to grow a darker color.

◆ About warping
As long as you use solid wood and have a natural oil finish, the wood will continue to breathe and will inevitably warp. We exclude items that are too large at the time of shipment, but please note that they will warp as you use them. If you use it as a plate of this shape, you will hardly notice it, but it is not recommended for those who are concerned about the sagging.

All images used are the size of this page.

For a list including other sizes, please see " #Everyone's usage ".

Japanese horse chestnut
natural oil finish

24cm in diameter × 2.0cm in thickness

*It is manufactured by shakukan method, and 1 dimension = 3.0303cm. This is written as 8 sun ≒ 24 cm. Therefore, it becomes a few millimeters larger.
*Thickness may vary slightly due to individual differences in wood.

[Precautions for handling]
The points to be careful are "high temperature", "water" and "dry".
・Do not leave in a place exposed to strong direct sunlight for a long time.
・Avoid immersing in water.
・Warping often occurs when wood breathes between moisture absorption and drying. After washing with water, immediately wipe with a cloth to remove moisture.
・Can be washed with dishwashing detergent.
・Please refrain from using refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwave ovens.

・If you use it, cooking oil will stick to it, so you don't have to do maintenance. However, if you don't use it for a long time or use a strong detergent, and you are concerned about the loss of oil and dry feeling, apply oil.
For the oil, use edible oil or commercially available oil for wooden tableware (choose the type, etc., according to your preference). Another simple method taught by a craftsman is to wrap half a piece of edible walnuts in a rag, smash them, and rub the oozing oil onto a container. You can easily apply natural walnut oil.


*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・Please specify the wood grain. If you cannot see the link, please feel free to contact us from " Contact Us ".

・You can see related products of the same series such as different tree species and sizes from the # list below the "Add to Cart" button.

・Only "Tochi" is in stock, and you can choose the wood grain. "Fir tree" and "plug" will be manufactured after receiving an order.