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  • くみ出し碗 粉引き
  • くみ出し碗 粉引き
  • くみ出し碗 粉引き
  • くみ出し碗 粉引き
  • くみ出し碗 粉引き
  • くみ出し碗 粉引き
  • くみ出し碗 粉引き
  • くみ出し碗 粉引き
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Kumidashi bowl, powdered

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A rounded teacup with a somewhat nostalgic atmosphere. It has a slightly plump, soft and cute shape. It is also slightly thick. It is slightly larger than other tea bowls.

The standard shape has a nice texture, and is easy to use for everyday use and when you have guests. The white clay is used to decorate the base pottery clay, and the transparent glaze is applied to create a soft expression.

The rim may have slight unevenness due to accumulation of glaze. (There is no problem with the manufacturing method and when drinking)

In addition, the earth color of the ground may appear slightly floating on the rim, but this also varies depending on the condition of the glaze. Please note that it is not a painting line.

Originally produced by Totsuchiya, Nankei Touen is now a kiln that mainly produces teapots and tea utensils. Banko-yaki from Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, is popular for making teapots that are lightly and hard baked using unique highly viscous clay.


Due to the use of pottery clay that contains a small amount of metal sulfide, there may be black spots on the surface, but please enjoy the texture of the material.

Diameter 8.8cm x Height 5.5cm



[Handling and care]
・Please refrain from using a dishwasher or microwave.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・" Katsura wood teacup Shiraki " can be used as a set with various " #Yunomi bowls " including this product.