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  • たがる包丁・小さな包丁 専用レザーケース(ホックあり)
  • たがる包丁・小さな包丁 専用レザーケース(ホックあり)
  • たがる包丁・小さな包丁 専用レザーケース(ホックあり)
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Tagaru Knife / Small Knife Dedicated leather case (with hook)

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"Hanging Knife"
"Blacksmith's Small Knife"
exclusive leather case.

You can also order with a case on the product page of each knife. Please use this page if you already have knives and would like to order additional ones later.

There is another type of special leather case for the "Tagaru Knife" (without hook), so please choose the type you like.

"Tagaru Knife Dedicated Leather Case (No Hook)"

The case for "Blacksmith's Small Knife" is only available with this hook.

The material is cow leather and brass snap button.

It has a simple shape and construction that fastens with a snap button. For cooking on the go, such as outdoors and cooking classes.

Produced by Mr. Osawa of nasturium, the same as "leather case" and "leather bag" .

cow leather/brass

As we use a single piece of natural leather, there may be wrinkles, stains, and scratches. Items that interfere with use or are too conspicuous are excluded at the time of production, and only parts that can be judged to be good products are used for production. Please understand that it is a leather expression.


[Cleaning method]
・There are no particular precautions specific to this leather, and it is the same as general leather products. Leather is not waterproof or coated.