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  • ろくろ挽きの桑の木の茶筒(小)
  • ろくろ挽きの桑の木の茶筒(小)
  • ろくろ挽きの桑の木の茶筒(小)
  • ろくろ挽きの桑の木の茶筒(小)
  • ろくろ挽きの桑の木の茶筒(小)
  • ろくろ挽きの桑の木の茶筒(小)
  • ろくろ挽きの桑の木の茶筒(小)
  • ろくろ挽きの桑の木の茶筒(小)
  • ろくろ挽きの桑の木の茶筒(小)
  • ろくろ挽きの桑の木の茶筒(小)
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A potter's wheel-turned mulberry tree tea caddy (small)

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[This is a made-to-order product. After ordering, we will inform you of the delivery date. Estimated delivery time varies depending on the material and production schedule. If you would like to check the schedule in advance, please contact us before ordering. ]

It has the same shape as the zelkova tea caddy, and is made of domestically produced mulberry.

Since it is made of solid wood, there are individual differences, but it tends to have a more matte color and astringency than zelkova.
Also, compared to the zelkova tree, the vessel is larger, so the impression is that the lid falls off more smoothly than the zelkova tree.

The material itself is very rare and the price is different, but the shape and size are the same, and the usability is almost the same as that of zelkova. We hope that those who want this rarity and those who absolutely want to use mulberry wood will choose it. The introductory text below is the same as for the zelkova tea caddy.

There are many wooden tea caddies, but when you open and close the lid, you can see the accuracy. One that is tight and makes noise, and one that is loose and faintly combined.

When made with high precision, in a state as close as possible to airtightness, When the lid is aligned with the main body, it closes slowly and smoothly while pushing out the air.

This tea canister is made up of three parts: the main body, the lid, and the inner lid. All made of solid zelkova wood. Each of these three parts is put on a potter's wheel, cut out by hand with a blade, and put together later (because of the movement of the wood, they are made from the same material). Each must fit snugly to within a millimeter or less.

The quality that can only be achieved by being able to grind straight and perfectly with the highest-precision potter's-turning technology unique to craftsmen who have been producing for many years. It is a tool that feels good every time you use it.

In addition to the airtightness of the shape, the tree breathes and lives. Since the surface is not covered with urethane coating, it is said to have the effect of releasing the moisture inside, which is a characteristic of wood, to the outside. Especially in a humid environment like Japan, it can be said that tea leaves are in good condition because they are made of oil-finished wood and have a perfect shape.

The wood uses domestic mulberry. If you use it every day, it will blend in with the oil of your hands, and gradually become closer to amber and darker. It is best to use it by touching it with your hands, so no special care is required, but please try polishing it with a dry cloth from time to time. The luster comes out, and the expression after a few years will be completely different. It is a tool that feels good every time you use it, and a tool that grows with you for a long time.

There are two sizes, large and small, and this is the small size. The amount of tea leaves varies depending on the type of tea leaves, so please choose according to your preference.

Not only Japanese tea, but also black tea, herbal tea, coffee beans, etc., can be used in a variety of ways. It is also popular as a gift.

Japanese mulberry
oil finish

Exclusive boxed

[Size and tea leaf capacity]
Small φ7.6cm×8.9cm

(Large φ7.6cm x 14.6cm (estimated tea leaf capacity: about 100-150g for sencha))

・Please note that leaving water droplets on may cause stains.
・Please avoid washing with water.
・Avoid placing in extremely dry places, near direct sunlight or heat sources. The wood may stretch and the lid may become tight. If it is a normal home environment, there is no particular problem. In dry conditions, the wood may stretch and tighten the lid, but it often recovers when left in a damp location.
・If you are concerned about the scent of the wood or if you want to change the tea leaves, roast the old tea leaves and put them inside and let it sit overnight. The roasted tea leaves absorb the scent.

[Instructions for ordering]
If you request a grain of wood when ordering, we will choose the closest one from our inventory. Because it is a natural material, it may not be available. We do not accept cancellations or returns for this reason. Please be aware of this before placing your order.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・The 4th and subsequent photos are of a different tree species, zelkova. the shape is the same.

・There are two sizes, “Large” and “Small”, and the tree species are “Zelkova” and “Mulberry”.

・There is a paid gift box (pictured below). If you would like a gift box, please select either "gift box + wrapping paper" or "gift box + inner noshi + wrapping paper" from the pull-down menu when ordering. In this case, the gift wrapping fee is included, so there is no need to order gift wrapping separately.

If you wish to gift wrap a regular box, please select "regular box" and order gift wrapping separately.

・Many customers use it with coffee beans, but once you put it in, it will have oil and fragrance. If you use it for coffee beans, we recommend that you use it exclusively for coffee beans.