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  • ろくろ挽きの飯椀 ミズメザクラ|拭き漆(生漆)
  • ろくろ挽きの飯椀 ミズメザクラ|拭き漆(生漆)
  • ろくろ挽きの飯椀 ミズメザクラ|拭き漆(生漆)
  • ろくろ挽きの飯椀 ミズメザクラ|拭き漆(生漆)
  • ろくろ挽きの飯椀 ミズメザクラ|拭き漆(生漆)
  • ろくろ挽きの飯椀 ミズメザクラ|拭き漆(生漆)
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Rice bowl made on a potter's wheel Mizumezakura | Wiping lacquer (raw lacquer)

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A woodturner who produces in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, The original rice bowl of “Rokurosha”, which is presided over by Yoshio Sakai .

Rice tea bowls have a strong image of ceramics, but wooden bowls have been commonly used in Japan for a long time.

Wooden bowls, which are often used for soup bowls, are characterized by low thermal conductivity and lightness. This characteristic is especially demonstrated in miso soup and soups, so wooden bowls are often used for soup bowls, but I would like to recommend it for rice as well.

The lightness and softness when you hold it in your hand are unique to wood. The rice also looks beautiful on the firm wooden surface of the wiping lacquer. I think there are many first-timers, but I would like you to try the wooden tea bowl. Lacquerware rice bowls, which are also suitable for soup, are perfect for hot ochazuke.

Like the potter's wheel soup bowl, it has a solid base, so it is easy to hold and stable. It has a sharp outline with straight lines and a beautiful balance. In addition, the cherry tree has a light grain, so even if it is wiped with lacquer, the feeling of wood is not too strong, and it blends well with other vessels.

The shape and material soften the Japanese atmosphere of the sturdy soup bowl, and it has a nice appearance.

The wooden base is made by Mr. Sakai, and the coating is also finished in the same production area. There are two colors, black lacquer and unrefined lacquer. There are two types of shapes: soup bowl and rice bowl. The short and wide bowl is the rice bowl.

Mizumezakura Japanese wood wipe lacquer Unrefined lacquer

Diameter 11.4 x Height 6.5cm


・Avoid using a hard brush. The lacquer may peel off.
・Please avoid soaking in water for a long time.
・Detergent can be used without problems. It's okay to wash with a soft brush or wash with a sponge.
・Avoid using a refrigerator, microwave oven, or dish dryer.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・There are two types of “Soup bowl” and “Rice bowl”, each with two colors of “Raw lacquer” and “Black lacquer”.