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  • 【再入荷】アイアンフレーム(板をのせて使う脚・台)
  • 【再入荷】アイアンフレーム(板をのせて使う脚・台)
  • 【再入荷】アイアンフレーム(板をのせて使う脚・台)
  • 【再入荷】アイアンフレーム(板をのせて使う脚・台)
  • 【再入荷】アイアンフレーム(板をのせて使う脚・台)
  • 【再入荷】アイアンフレーム(板をのせて使う脚・台)
  • 【再入荷】アイアンフレーム(板をのせて使う脚・台)
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Iron frame (legs and bases on which boards are placed)

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The first of the "less than furniture" series proposed by PINT. You can use this iron frame stand by placing a board or the like on it. These are the “legs” and “stands” on which the boards are placed. This is an original that I consulted with HALO's Matsumoto-san about what I wanted in PINT's actual store.

The initial impetus was that I wanted a stand that could be easily opened and closed at the store, and that could flexibly accommodate the space on the top board and the space when it was placed. I thought of something small, light, and easy to handle so that it can be used not only in shops but also at home. I wanted to make it look neat and strong, so I thought it would be a strong metal material, but after consulting with Mr. Matsumoto, who specializes in metal bending, I was able to create this distinctive shape with the material and paint finish.

Although the material is iron, it uses a thin round bar with a diameter of 7 mm, so it does not weigh as much as you would imagine if you were told it was iron. It's an eye-catching and interesting shape, but this is not from the design, but the structure to "maintain strength" and "hard to wobble". This shape was born with the approach and technology unique to metalworking craftsmen who can also handle machine parts.

The length, width, and depth are different, so you can use it in 3 different heights. Since it is basically supported at the top part, there is no big difference in strength on any side. The size of the surface is different, so please try and adjust according to the size, orientation, and installation position of the top plate.

The structure is just a board on top, so it is not suitable for working or eating on top of it. Please use it as a platform that does not move or shake.

If the board to be placed on top is of a size that matches this, if it is a general wood, the strength of the iron frame itself will not be a problem. As for the items to be placed on top, we use pottery and cloth items that are surprisingly heavy at the store.

If you can avoid even extremely heavy items, I think that there is almost no problem with the load capacity in the range of daily use. It was okay to put a thick board on one iron frame and have an adult man ride on it. There are many people who pass the board to two and use it as a bookshelf. Please feel free to contact us if you have a specific image of use (board, what to put on, how to use) and are worried about it.

As for the board, please purchase your favorite one at an antique store, antique store, furniture store, home center, etc. I would be happy if you could use it freely in combination.

In this photo, a small board is placed so that the iron frame can be seen easily, but if you use two, you can use a larger board. If it is a board of this size, even if you put one board on one piece. The board is 57 cm wide x 28 cm deep.

It can also be used as a shelf with tiers. How to combine and how to use is very free. This board is 190 cm wide x 33 cm deep. (Because it is old wood, the top and bottom sizes are slightly different. This is the size of the upper board.)

The corners are neat because they are bent. Rounded corners give a gentle impression. It is made by a craftsman who specializes in bending. The middle bar is welded for added strength.

▼Less than furniture series

"Less than furniture" proposed by PINT.

"Less than furniture" is, as the name suggests, something that is not furniture, but can be used as furniture. As someone who runs PINT, this is my personal preference, but I've lived my life without the desire to buy furniture that will last a lifetime. Depending on the number of people living and the environment, the house and floor plan changed, and there were many moves. Under such circumstances, I didn't want to bring large furniture, and I wanted to be able to use the space freely in a small house and move around easily. was making It was easy to store and use, and I liked the stress-free not having to carry large furniture.

When I opened a physical store in Kyoto, I didn't buy so-called fixtures or furniture, and built the store with legs, boxes, and tables on top so that I could freely change the layout.

When we started selling our products while actually using them in our stores, we were able to offer a wider range of choices than we had imagined, from single households to families, as main or sub-furniture for home use, or for use in stores. I was.

This "less than furniture" series was actually used in stores, and there were no problems with its usability and durability.

Iron (7mm round bar)
black paint


about 700g


[Handling and care]
・Since it is painted, there is no need to worry about rust.