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  • 【受注製作】オーガニックリネンテーブルクロス 110×160cm
  • 【受注製作】オーガニックリネンテーブルクロス 110×160cm
  • 【受注製作】オーガニックリネンテーブルクロス 110×160cm
  • 【受注製作】オーガニックリネンテーブルクロス 110×160cm
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Organic linen tablecloth 110×160cm

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A tablecloth made from 100% rare organic linen fabric.

Like a kitchen cloth, it is water absorbent and quick drying, but linen also contains pectin that repels dirt, so it is a material that has been often used for table cloths in Europe, where linen originates and is the home.

As with other PINT linen products, we simply use high-quality linen fabric woven in Omi, Shiga Prefecture. The high-level spun organic linen yarn used in apparel is woven with a high density using an old-fashioned shuttle loom. It is the color of the raw material flux itself, which is not dyed.

It is woven with thick 45 count thread similar to sheet fabric and thin 60 count thread similar to handkerchief fabric. The thickness and weight make it safe and easy to use as a tablecloth. The fabric has a soft finish and is soft, smooth, and loose to the touch.

The selvage of the fabric, which is unique to the shuttle loom, is left as it is, and the entire width of the fabric is used, so only the two short sides are sewn. Please be assured that there will be no fraying from the fabric selvedge.

You can usually use it with it washed out, and of course you can iron it when you have guests. If you apply steam strongly, the wrinkles will be smoothed out, but the texture will be flat. Please adjust as you like while adjusting, including the iron temperature.

The more you use and wash it, the softer it becomes, the less wrinkled it becomes, and the more it feels. It can be used for a long time, and it is fun to change over time.

We carefully weave at a speed of 1m to 2m per hour with an old-fashioned shuttle loom.

Compared to the rapier looms that are mainly used today, the production speed is much slower, but the density and texture of the fabric can only be achieved with shuttle looms.

Since linen tends to break when a force is applied to it while it is being woven on a loom, the threads will break during the weaving process, and the threads will be tied one by one by hand as the work progresses.

Weaving with this shuttle loom requires not only skill, but also perseverance and time. Thick and durable threads such as cotton denim and canvas are still woven with shuttle looms, but 100% linen fabrics made with shuttle looms are rare.

This is what is called the shuttle, through which the weft thread is passed through the shuttle loom. It is made of heavy wood and moves back and forth from side to side to pass the weft threads. Its movement is like a satellite, so it is called a shuttle (satellite).

On the other hand, modern rapier looms are designed to fly the weft with an air jet.

Even with this difference alone, I think you can imagine the difference in speed.

There is no dyeing, no pattern, and the shape is simple. Moreover, the tablecloth has a large surface area, so the texture of the fabric affects the atmosphere. Enjoy the look of organic linen yarn and shuttle weave.

▼Size order

The 110cm side is fixed due to the fabric width, but the length can be custom-made.

[Made-to-order] Organic linen tablecloth Size order

100% linen organic linen

Because it is a natural fiber, the color may vary depending on the thread lot.


The 110 cm side uses the width of the fabric as it is, so it may differ slightly depending on the lot at the time of weaving.

Because the fabric is finished, there is almost no shrinkage with normal washing.


[Handling and care]
・Be careful not to use bleach, fluorescent agents, or dryers as the texture may be damaged.

・When ironing, it is recommended to set the temperature to medium or lower, not the high temperature setting. When setting the high temperature, apply a pressing cloth.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・The standard size is "110 x 160 cm" only. There is a "length size order" for made-to-order.