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  • チェリーのカッティングボード 丸
  • チェリーのカッティングボード 丸
  • チェリーのカッティングボード 丸
  • チェリーのカッティングボード 丸
  • チェリーのカッティングボード 丸
  • チェリーのカッティングボード 丸
  • チェリーのカッティングボード 丸
  • チェリーのカッティングボード 丸
  • チェリーのカッティングボード 丸
  • チェリーのカッティングボード 丸
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round cherry cutting board

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A single cherry cutting board that lets you feel the vitality of wood.

Surprisingly, the round shape is flexible and can be used in the kitchen or at the dining table.

It has a solid thickness of 25 cm in diameter and 2.4 cm in thickness. The size and round shape are not too big, so it is recommended not only for use in the kitchen, but also for bread and cheese at the dining table. Since the shape is round, it can also be used as a dish or plate.

I use solid cherry wood. Although the material has a strong presence, it is neither too simple nor too heavy, thanks to its shape and careful production finish.

The sides are slightly slanted inward. This makes it easy for your fingers to grip when lifting it, and it can be used as a handle instead of a handle. It also looks lighter.

The quality of the material, detailed design, and attention to detail stand out precisely because it is such a simple thing as a cutting board. In particular, since it is a tool that you will continue to use every day, I want something that looks good and feels comfortable to hold.

Cherry wood is slightly soft to the touch of a kitchen knife. In addition, the material changes its color darker just by leaving it. As you use it and wash it repeatedly, the color will deepen considerably, and you can enjoy the change over time.

Produced by Makoto Miyazaki, who makes woodwork in Osaka. He is a creator who does really detailed and careful work, such as manual shaving and finishing painting. They mainly produce small items rather than furniture, and they pay close attention to the ease of use as tools, making wooden tools that you will want to touch and use every day. The marks left by chisels remain and the warmth of handwork is felt, but the simple shape and elaborate finish create a very pleasant balance.

*Because it is a natural wood, the wood grain differs one by one. There may be small knot marks or dark colored parts. Please note that these are part of the wood grain.

Even in the knots, we remove all of the knots that may cause dents or interfere with durability or use during production. In the unlikely event that a problem in use arises from these points, we will respond to replacement or repair.

cherry imported

Oil and beeswax finish

Diameter 25 x Thickness 2.4cm

・Please avoid using the dishwasher.
・Be careful not to immerse it in water or leave it in a place where water collects.

・Washing with water or lukewarm water is recommended. After washing, wipe off the moisture and let it dry naturally.
・It's thick, so you don't have to worry about it warping, but to prevent it from getting moldy, it's safe to wipe it dry and then stand it upright to dry.

・You can use it casually without any special maintenance, just wipe it dry with a cloth after use and washing.
・For details, please refer to the instruction manual that will be sent together. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns before or after your purchase.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・"Oval" and "Round" There are three types of "square".