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  • ブレッドバスケット Sサイズ
  • ブレッドバスケット Sサイズ
  • ブレッドバスケット Sサイズ
  • ブレッドバスケット Sサイズ
  • ブレッドバスケット Sサイズ
  • ブレッドバスケット Sサイズ
  • ブレッドバスケット Sサイズ
  • ブレッドバスケット Sサイズ
  • ブレッドバスケット Sサイズ
  • ブレッドバスケット Sサイズ
  • ブレッドバスケット Sサイズ
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Bread basket S size

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This canvas-like 100% linen thick fabric is a special fabric that was originally created as a special order for a certain business. I made it with the image of eating bread using this dough.

bread and linen. Linen fabric is often used in the manufacturing process, making it a great combination. 100% linen ultra-thick fabric is simply tailored into a gusseted bag.

Originally, it was one of a series of original bread-related productions made with PINT under the theme of "living with bread" with Isetan Mitsukoshi. I mainly thought of using it as a bread basket to put bread at the dining table. You can stand the edge as it is, or you can adjust the height by rolling or folding it. It's just the right size for a normal loaf of bread when you put the rim upright.

Freshly baked or warmed bread gives off a faint steam, but the linen fabric allows the steam and heat to escape, so you can enjoy the delicious taste without getting stuffy on the bottom.

Because of its simple shape, it can also be used as a storage bag. Vegetables, fruits, and seasonings that can be stored at room temperature. Please feel free to use it in the kitchen, dining room, living room, etc. as well as food.

You can use it not only at home but also outside. You can use it as a simple cloth bag by buying bread etc. at your destination and putting it inside as it is, folding the excess cloth on the top, wrapping it with a string, or fixing it with a clip. If you fold the edge, you can use it as a bowl as it is, so it can be used for picnics and outdoors. If the size fits, it's convenient to put something together with the lunch box.

If you stand up without rolling it, it will be in such a state. It is a simple shape with an open top. A cotton loop allows you to hang, store or dry. When you fold the edge and use it, the loop is folded, so you can use it without getting in the way.

At first, it was only L size, but in response to requests from restaurants, a small size was added, and all three sizes are available.

The S and M sizes are often used in cafes and Italian restaurants for two-seater tables with one or two cut baguettes.

Even if you put baguettes or bread rolls in the large size. It is also popular with those who bake their own bread, and is often used to cool freshly baked bread, especially a loaf of bread.

From the right of the photo,
S 19 cm wide x 16 cm high x 12 cm deep
M 22 cm wide x 16 cm high x 12 cm deep
L 30 cm wide x 16 cm high x 13 cm deep
(One fold with a white line visible, fold width is 5cm)

I measure it in the state of the photograph. The height changes depending on how it is folded. Also, since the fabric is thick, the size will change slightly depending on how it is folded. Please see it as an approximate size guide.

The order is reversed, but S, M, L from the left. I think you can imagine the difference between the products themselves. The white line is the fabric selvage. The fabric is woven with a fairly narrow width, and the width of the fabric is used as it is.

Bread basket 3 sizes

This fabric is a thick fabric of 100% linen like canvas. Thick 20-count linen threads are twisted together and woven at an ultra-high density. At first glance, it doesn't look like linen, but the thickness of the thread and the density of the fabric are like cotton canvas or canvas, but the feel and texture are different from cotton, and it has a unique high-quality smoothness and texture. It is not dyed, it is the natural color of the flax itself, which is the raw material of linen. The fabric is not softened or pasted, just as it is unloaded from the loom. A single piece of this fabric is used to create a bag with a simple shape using 100% linen fabric without using bias tape.

It is made with simple materials that are durable and easy to care for, making the most of the goodness of the fabric.

At first, it feels like a stretchy fabric, but as you use it, it gradually becomes softer. It will not stand on its own if the edges are upright, but if you put it inside, fold the edges, or roll it up, you can use it like a bag.

No special care is required, but instructions on how to wash are provided at the bottom of the page.

The maker of this linen fabric is a craftsman who has inherited the tradition of Omi Jofu in the Omi Koto production area in Shiga Prefecture, and now mainly manufactures fabrics for apparel collection brands.

We carefully weave at a speed of 1m to 2m per hour with an old-fashioned shuttle loom.

Compared to the rapier looms that are mainly used today, the production speed is much slower, but the density and texture of the fabric can only be achieved with shuttle looms.

Since linen tends to break when a force is applied to it while it is being woven on a loom, the threads will break during the weaving process, and the threads will be tied one by one by hand as the work progresses.

Weaving with this shuttle loom requires not only skill, but also perseverance and time. Thick and durable threads such as cotton denim and canvas are still woven with shuttle looms, but 100% linen fabrics made with shuttle looms are rare.

This is what is called the shuttle, through which the weft thread is passed through the shuttle loom.

It is made of heavy wood and moves back and forth from side to side to pass the weft threads. Its movement is like a satellite, so it is called a shuttle (satellite). On the other hand, modern rapier looms are designed to fly the weft with an air jet. Even with this difference alone, I think you can imagine the difference in speed.

This loom is used to weave two-ply yarns from 16th to 20th yarns. The smaller the number, the thicker the yarn, and it is thicker than the 25th yarn used for kitchen cloths. Two-ply yarn is a yarn made by twisting two yarns, and it is simply said that the thickness of the yarn is twice that of a single yarn, and the strength increases even more. Threads change from year to year depending on the condition of the raw material flux, and since it is difficult even for spinning factories to produce thick yarns that meet the specifications of this ultra-high density shuttle weave fabric, the same yarns cannot be produced every year. . Over the past few years, we have been making adjustments while checking the quality of the flux. The loom operator who performs the weaving checks the thickness and quality of the thread, adjusts the twist and the density of the fabric weave, and finishes the fabric close to each time.

A zoomed photo of this linen canvas fabric.

You can see that the thread is tightly woven. A fabric that seeks strength by combining it with the specifications of the thread. It's just the last minute weaving, using a shuttle loom to weave as high a density as possible.

If you look at the threads one by one, you can see that the threads are straight and beautiful. The work of the process of making yarn called spinning is reflected here. If the thickness of the thread is uneven, it will not be possible to weave at this high density, so it is necessary that the quality of the entire process, from thread to weaving, is uniform.

Linen is a material that is strong enough to be used for a long time and has a rich expressiveness that changes over time. In particular, this ultra-thick fabric is more durable, so I hope you can enjoy the changes that gradually grow while using it for a long time.

100% linen

Because it is a natural fiber, the color may vary slightly depending on the lot of the thread, such as being close to beige or close to gray.

Width 19 cm x Height 16 cm x Depth 12 cm
*Folded state: Please see the size description with a photo in the text.

loop length 6cm


[Handling and care]
The dough is not processed, so please be aware that bread with a lot of oil on the surface will stick to the dough.

If you just put simple baguettes, bread, rolls, etc., and the oil and color of the ingredients are not covered, many people just pay for the breadcrumbs.

If you want to wash it, you can wash it with water or lukewarm water.

Oil stains that still cannot be removed can be washed with detergent. It is sewn on 100% linen fabric and is made in the same way as clothes and bags, so there is no problem as a product. However, since food is directly added, it is up to individual tastes and judgments. (Since it is the same as putting bread on a tablecloth or cloth washed with detergent, I don't think there is a big problem basically.)

When washing, please avoid using dryers, bleaching agents, softeners, fluorescent brighteners, etc., as this may damage the texture of the fabric.

When ironing, it is recommended to use a medium or lower heat setting instead of a high setting. When setting the high temperature, apply a pressing cloth.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・There are 3 sizes of "S", "M" and "L".

・Because it is a cloth bag, it allows air to pass through. There is no preservation effect to prevent drying.

・Please feel free to contact us if you would like to order more than the number displayed in stock. Although there are many situations where we are out of stock or the quantity is small, we always continue to produce, so we will accept orders in the form of securing from the next production.