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Bread bag (bread linen bag)

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I made a bag for bread with linen canvas fabric.

The eighth installment of the "Everybody's Tool" project. In Kyoto, where there is a PINT store, we thought about it together with eight people who love bread. Kyoto is a city that loves bread, with many delicious bakeries and high consumption. I love bread and buy it often, but when I take it home it's crushed or damp in a plastic bag. From such a problem, I received a request to make a "bag for bread" with "everyone's item", and it started. The fabric material is linen canvas, which is used to make bread baskets and tote bags with PINT.

To keep bread from getting crushed when carrying it, to keep it from getting damp, to keep it at home, and to enjoy it until it's time to eat it, we came up with a new form that you can't find in a typical cloth bag. was born.

・Fabric 100% linen canvas-like thick fabric woven in Omi, Shiga. Both the string and the bias tape are made of linen material. You can also put the bread as it is.

・The width of the gusset is wide enough to hold shaped bread, and unlike cakes, bread cannot be put in a box, so the handle is designed to carry it without crushing it. I thought about creating a square space inside the bag.

・You can tie string baguettes upright.

・Inner pocket with a slightly larger pocket. At the time of picnic, even if you put bread goods such as cutlery.

・Fold the handle to create a bag. As a basket to put bread in the house. At this time, the inner pocket also serves as a lid.

A structure that creates a space inside so that the bread does not get crushed, and a storage capacity that can hold about 2 loaves of bread. As I devised ways to carry the bread, I came up with a unique and interesting shape that cannot be found in ordinary cloth bags. Of course, the application is not limited to bread.

Bread linen bag

If you hold the handle on the left and right, the space inside the bag will be maintained.

String for tying baguettes, etc. Others are elongated.

Fold the handle in two steps to create a basket shape. At this time, the pocket will act as a lid.

Even after completion, all members continued trials for more than half a year. It is a use comment of the planning member.

ーー"It's a size that's particularly easy to fit into a loaf of bread, so it's handy when I'm visiting bakeries. At home, I put honey, unused jam, butter knives, and other bread-related items in one place."

“Because the bottom is flat, it is useful not only for bread, but also for cakes, side dishes, boxed sweets, and other items that you want to carry straight.”

"It's not really a bread bag, I use it everyday. It holds a lot and is sturdy."

"It works great for picnics. When I'm working in catering or outside eating and drinking, I also use it to transport and display food."

"When you go to buy bread, put a flat bamboo strainer on the bottom. It keeps the bread flat and doesn't fall apart or get stuffy. The mouth is open.) For everyday outings, just leave it as it is.It can fit everything you want to carry around, such as a cell phone, wallet, schedule book, stole, eco bag, etc.It is easy to hang on the handle of a bicycle and looks good. It's just the right balance for a woman to have."

“Since I travel by car a lot, if I only use it after arriving at the bakery, the shape is still beautiful.It also looks nice, so this year I used it with a linen dress in my travel bag. It looked good even when I wore sunglasses.It's a beautiful bag.When I put bread in it, I asked them to wrap loose bread like rodebu or campagne in a paper package, and I tied a slightly short baguette with a string to put it in. ”

"I attach a shoulder strap that I like and use it as a shoulder bag."

Everyone was free to use them in different ways, such as how to use them and how to hold them. In terms of transportation, it is easy to use even when it is placed on the seat with the mouth open in the car, and the integrated handle makes it easy to hang on the steering wheel of the bicycle, and it is a good size to put in a basket.

To walk, you can hold it in your hand or attach it with your own shoulder strap (tie the strap directly or use a commercially available eggplant can).

A bag with good fabrics and simple yet unusual details and accents. Please enjoy it in various ways.

Body/string/bias tape: 100% linen

Because it is a natural fiber, the color may vary slightly depending on the lot of the thread, such as being close to beige or close to gray.

Width 40cm x Depth 16.5cm x Height 30cm


[Handling and care]
・Since the dough is not processed, please be aware that if you put bread directly into the dough, oil will stick to the surface of the bread.

・Avoid using dryers, bleaching agents, fabric softeners, fluorescent brighteners, etc., as they may damage the texture of the fabric.

・When ironing, it is recommended to set the temperature to medium or lower, not the high temperature setting. When setting the high temperature, apply a pressing cloth.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・There is also a simple bag-shaped bread basket made of the same fabric.

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