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minimum wallet

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A wallet has been added to the minimal envelope type case series made of cowhide leather.

While making this card case, I thought that if I could put a little change in it, it would all fit in one wallet, so I added partitions and gussets, and made many prototypes. For several years, we have been making adjustments over and over again, upgrading the version more than 10 times, and selling it only at physical stores.

It is a compact minimum wallet as it was born.

There have been many types and shapes for a while, but since I started with an envelope-type minimum card case, it has unique specifications such as the interior.

The most important thing is that the movement can be done in only one direction. Since it remains in the shape of an envelope, just open the lid and put it in and take it out from the top. It's my personal preference, but when I use my wallet, I find it very stressful to have to open and close and move in all directions. I wanted it to be a one-way movement, so I didn't have to turn around or worry about dropping coins.

The height of the M size is slightly lowered, and a partition is created inside to create a shape with a gusset.

The size is the minimum size that a banknote can be folded in half. If it is folded in half, it is easy to put in and take out. It has a gusset so you can put coins in it.

It has a partition inside.
Two partitions with different heights and one tongue-like partition sewn only on the bottom. You will have 4 spaces.

The concept is a minimalist wallet, so the premise is that you don't want to carry too many coins or cards. Nonetheless, it is possible to get change and receive receipts.
Therefore, it is not a pocket dedicated to coins, but it is made so that you can put anything in any space.

In fact, when you show it to someone who is using it, the places where everyone can put it are wonderfully different. Some people carry a lot of cards, some people keep receipts in their wallets, some people carry a lot of coins, and so on.

The 4th picture and what I put below are my personal usage. Please see this as an example only.

of the four spaces

It has deep partitions. Items that are not taken in and out frequently.

I put a transportation IC card, an ID, a contactless card such as QUICKPAY. When I get a business card or a small paper ticket at a store, I put it in with me.

Only the front partition is slightly lower. The contents can be seen and it is easy to put in and take out.

I fold it in half and put bills in it. (If the layout is different, you can also put the key here.)

"Second from the front"
A space with a gusset. The tongue comes out from the bottom and becomes a partition. It has a slightly unique shape, so you may not be used to it, but in order to take advantage of the softness of the leather and to be able to move the tongue within the width of the gusset, it is designed to have a little play in its movement without deciding its position. . The gusset part makes it easy to put in and take out, so you can use it frequently.

Several cards, including credit cards. I also include receipts.

A space with a gusset. It is separated from the second front and the vero. Move the tongue to either side and adjust.

I put some change in it.


Although it has a very simple shape, it has become a wallet that is easy to use and can be used freely.

This leather case series was born with this material as the starting point because the material of this cowhide is very good. It is a leather that ages beautifully and is fun. The wallet is the most frequently used tool, so you can enjoy the texture growing more and more. Gloss comes out and grows expressively.

Sewing is the same as other PINT leather products, Mr. Osawa of nasturtium. Finishing up with beautiful sewing and polite work.

▼Material Since it is a natural material, there are individual differences, and especially this leather is a material with a rich expression. We want to take advantage of the texture of this leather and make it look like a natural leather, so we only use parts where there is no problem with strength in use. Parts that may interfere with use, such as large scratches or areas that are too thin, are excluded at the time of production. Please note that the delivered product will be judged as a non-defective product.

Because the surface is made of soft leather, there may be traces of sewing machines left during production, but these will disappear with use. There are areas that look whitish due to the leather manufacturing and finishing process, but this will disappear as the luster increases with use.

Please feel free to contact us so that we can send you a simple photo of the item in stock before placing your order.

<PINT leather series>
We purchase genuine leather and request sewing from Mr. Osawa of nasturtium to create an original product.

・Genuine leather tanned with tannin ・A type of leather that is especially enjoyable to change over time and grows into a texture that does not require maintenance.

Start by looking for leather. I visited many leather shops in search of a leather that has a solid atmosphere and texture as a material, and that is likely to change over time, but is not too heavy or too hard.

I was looking for a leather that would change over time and would be fun to use, so of course the first condition was that it was genuine leather and had not undergone any cosmetic processing. Also, as for the tanning method, tannin tanning produces deeper changes over time than chemical chrome tanning. There are so many kinds of leather, but surprisingly, I couldn't find it because I couldn't find it.

This leather is genuine cowhide that was rolled up in a corner of a leather shop. Himeji leather tanned in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, which is famous for tanning raw leather in Japan. It was quite hard, but I fell in love with it at first sight because of its different presence from other leathers. There seems to be a lot of scratches, and there is a feeling of instability, but it was attractive.

The leather is quite thick, so I skim it to make it thinner.

With the same leather, there are 4 sizes of minimum leather cases, minimum wallets, and tote/shoulder bags.

List of PINT leather

The color is black, the shape is simple, and the paper is thinly made to create a balance that does not make the material too strong.

PINT Leather Minimum Wallet Leather Case Aging
Aging of leather. Left is brand new, right is about 2 years old (no maintenance).

The minimum leather case series is a simple envelope-shaped case with a very simple structure. The main body is made by folding and sewing one piece of leather. As for the parts, only the fastening part of the hook is on the inside. The hook uses a thin one with reduced thickness.

As a result, the weight of the main unit is light, and the structure without partitions eliminates unnecessary space, so you can use it freely. It's a kind of product that is said to be too simple and "hard to be commercialized", but I wanted something like this, so I made it.

Since the leather itself is a material with a rich texture, we struck a balance between design and light weight and simplicity.

A leather case with a minimal and simple shape that allows you to enjoy the texture of leather. There are 4 sizes. As a measure of size,

XS: Keys and small accessories
S: Cards/business cards
M: Can be used as a wallet with cards, folded bills, and coins
L: bills, pens, etc.

We are preparing an image called. See each page for size details. These four types are all the same material and structure.

A minimum wallet with gussets and partitions made of the same leather is the product on this page.

#Minimum leather case list page

Two pictures side by side New and after 2 years of use PINT and zawa collection
From the link, you can see it together with detailed articles such as changes over time.

Genuine cow leather Himeji leather
Tannin tanning

*Among leather, it has a particularly strong expression, and there are large individual differences and differences in the parts of the leather. Holes, scratches and thin areas are excluded. There may be wrinkles or stripes, but we judge this as a good product and manufacture it.

Body: Width 10.5cm x Height 9cm x Depth 2.0cm

1 hook

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・You can see related products from the # list below the "Add to Cart" button.

・Because it is a natural leather, especially this leather is a strong material with a rich expression, there are individual differences. Although we avoid large scratches during production, parts that do not have a problem with durability may be used and scratched. In particular, we try to avoid it from appearing on the front, but it may enter the back. We believe that this expression is one of the charms of this leather, so we use it as is where it does not interfere with use or durability. If you are looking for a plain beauty or uniform appearance, it may not suit your needs. If you have any concerns or concerns, please contact us before ordering. We will send you a simple photo of the stock item. 

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