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  • リネンのフラットシーツ 160×240cm <サイズオーダー可>
  • リネンのフラットシーツ 160×240cm <サイズオーダー可>
  • リネンのフラットシーツ 160×240cm <サイズオーダー可>
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Linen flat sheet 160×240cm <size order available>

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size別在庫数: 160×240cm|Standard size - 2   160×250cm|Made-to-order (+770 yen)   160×260cm|Made-to-order (+1540 yen)   160×270cm|Made-to-order (+2310 yen)   160×280cm|Made-to-order (+3080 yen)  



We have developed linen kitchen cloths, table cloths, clothes, socks, bags, etc., but there were things that we couldn't make even if we wanted to for a long time.

It was the bedding, especially the sheets.

Something that stays on your skin all the time during sleep, which occupies one-third of your day. It has a refreshing and smooth texture, and is highly absorbent and quick drying. It is a perfect material that can be used hygienically and comfortably in Japan, where the humidity is high.

However, the hurdle was quite high, and there was no wide linen fabric necessary for the sheets, which was woven domestically. When planning and commercializing PINT, I have been searching for a long time because I want to make it with a fabric that I can trust and have a quality that cannot be found anywhere else.

It took a long time, but I was able to handle domestic ultra-wide linen fabrics that are woven only once a year, through the weavers that we ask for other fabrics.

160 cm wide fabric made for sheets. The thickness of the fabric is just right and it feels smooth to the touch. The weave density is also solid, so there is no thin and faint feeling. The level of spinning is also high, and we use high-quality threads that are used for apparel.

Due to its wide width, this fabric is woven on a rapier loom instead of an old-fashioned shuttle loom. All four sides are sewn because the selvage does not remain neatly like a shuttle loom.

The shape is a simple flat sheet that can be used for both beds and futons. (Please check the bedding size you have before considering.)

Linen sheets are used all year round in Europe, and you can use them comfortably all year round by combining them with warm comforters such as blankets. This sheet also has both fabric density and thickness, so many people use it not only in summer but also in winter.

Linen sheets made of fabric woven in Japan are quite difficult to find because the production volume is quite limited. It seems that this sheet fabric is also quite difficult in terms of weaving and profitability, and in the last few years, we are considering changing specifications (processing for stable mobile phones) and switching to overseas production. If there is a change according to this content, PINT will not handle it.

100% linen

Width 160 x Length 240cm

*Because the fabric is finished, there is almost no shrinkage with normal washing.

*Size order is possible in the length direction. In the case of size orders, it will be made to order and will be delivered in about 1 week to 10 days after payment.


[Handling and care]
・Be careful not to use bleach, fluorescent agents, or dryers as the texture may be damaged.

・When ironing, it is recommended to set the temperature to medium or lower, not the high temperature setting. When setting the high temperature, apply a pressing cloth.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・"160x240cm" only. 160 cm in the width direction of the fabric is the maximum, but it can be changed in the length direction. In the case of size orders, it will be made to order and will be delivered in about 1 week to 10 days after payment. If you would like a length other than the optional items, go to <a href="" target="_blank"><u>Contact Us</u></a> Please contact us.