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Linen Waffle Mini Towel Gray

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PINT has always dealt with linen materials and products, but the linen towel with a plump texture has not been a recommended standard item.

The linen handled by PINT was mainly plain weave fabric woven with a shuttle loom at high density, or linen knit, which is characterized by its elasticity and smooth texture. Therefore, products such as cloths, handkerchiefs, stoles, socks, and clothes that make use of each fabric. I couldn't find a good fluffy soft linen material, and the towels were lacking.

After many years of experimenting with various fabrics, this towel is the perfect result.

A woven linen fabric from Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, with a very soft finish due to the kneading finish. Plump, soft and smooth to the touch. The crispness of linen is also felt a little, and there is a refreshing feeling, but the texture is almost like cotton.

A structure with unevenness of waffle weave using plenty of threads. In addition to the large amount of thread, the unevenness firmly catches water droplets, so it has strong water absorption.
Waffle weave is of course a cotton material, but I'm a little concerned that it's hard to dry with this thick and voluminous cotton material. The fabric here is 100% linen, so it dries quickly, so even if the humidity is high in spring and summer, it can be used hygienically. It is difficult to dry even when washing.

It has a refreshing crispness unique to linen material and a fluffy and soft texture, so it is really comfortable to wipe. A stress-free towel that feels good when wiping, and dries quickly even after hanging it.

Available in 4 sizes.
・Bath towel 70×120cm
・Small bath towel 48×110cm
・Face towel 32×86cm
・Mini towel 22×22cm

#linen waffle towel list

The product on this page is a mini towel.
As a towel handkerchief that is neither bulky nor too casual. It is also recommended for washing your body in the bath. It has a soft texture, but it has unevenness, so it can be washed gently.

One of the characteristics of linen is that the more you use it and wash it, the softer it becomes and the better its texture grows. In addition, linen is said to be more durable when wet, so it is said that there is less deterioration during washing, which is the most stressful for the fabric. A towel that can be used for a long time as a daily staple.

2 Sizes by color and material of the same material Please refer to the texture of the fabric.

3 gray brown

*About color
Dyeing is done little by little in a dyeing pot that is smaller than usual, and then dried in the sun to create a unique color and texture. Due to small lot production, there may be slight differences in color for each pot, and there may be a difference in shade than in the photo. If you are worried about the color as the top priority, please feel free to contact us as we will send you a photo of the current stock.

* Due to the structure of the fabric, it will stretch slightly.

100% linen

[Handling and care]
・Be careful not to use bleach, fluorescent agents, or dryers as the texture may be damaged.

・When ironing, it is recommended to set the temperature to medium or lower, not the high temperature setting. When setting the high temperature, apply a pressing cloth.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・Available in two colors: brown and gray.