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  • 切立碗 白練 焼締め
  • 切立碗 白練 焼締め
  • 切立碗 白練 焼締め
  • 切立碗 白練 焼締め
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Kiritate Bowl White Yakijime

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The base of the shape is a matcha bowl, but it has a sharp shape that does not make you feel "Japanese". Of course, it can be used as a matcha bowl, but it is also recommended for those who don't drink matcha at all, so it is also useful for everyday dining.

You can freely use it as a small matcha bowl, a slightly larger teacup, or as a container like a bowl. The grilled texture and steep form create an atmosphere like no other.

The surface is smooth, but there are fine unevenness on the surface, just between pottery and porcelain. The white here uses clay that reproduces the white mud (white with a tinge of greige), which was often used in Banko ware from the Taisho period to the Showa period. There are two colors, "black" and "white".

The color is not the glaze, but the color of the clay and firing. By using it, the luster and depth of color will increase. This is also one of the pleasures of using it. Although it is a clay material itself, it has a sharp shape and a fine clay surface, so it is well-balanced and blends well with a variety of ingredients, both Japanese and Western.

The appearance and texture of yakijime is unique, and it goes well with soups, dishes, and vegetables and fruits. Japanese side dishes, salads, and potage-based soups are also recommended. Bamboo spoons and forks go great together, and I often use them together.

Production is Originally started as a pottery shop, Nankei Pottery is now a pottery that mainly makes teapots. Banko-yaki from Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, is popular for making teapots that are lightly and hard baked using unique highly viscous clay.


"White" baked products may have an orange part. It is a reaction of the minerals contained in the potter's clay during firing. Please be aware of the characteristics and texture of this manufacturing method and pottery clay.

Due to the use of pottery clay containing iron powder, there are some black spots on the surface, but please enjoy the texture of the material.

Diameter 9.5cm x Height 7.5cm

about 400cc

Exclusive boxed

[Handling and care]

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・" There are two colors, black and white.

・You can see different colors and related products in the same series from the # list below the "Add to Cart" button.