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  • 急須 黒練 焼締め
  • 急須 黒練 焼締め
  • 急須 黒練 焼締め
  • 急須 黒練 焼締め
  • 急須 黒練 焼締め
  • 急須 黒練 焼締め
  • 急須 黒練 焼締め
  • 急須 黒練 焼締め
  • 急須 黒練 焼締め
  • 急須 黒練 焼締め
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teapot black yakijime

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This teapot is made using a method called yakishime, in which the teapot is fired without the use of glaze. It does not have the smooth texture of glaze, but has the hardness of porcelain and the fine texture of clay.

The material is called stoneware, and it is intermediate between pottery and porcelain. It is denser and stronger than pottery, and has almost no water absorption. When struck, it makes a metallic sound similar to porcelain, but the firing temperature is lower than that of porcelain and it is not translucent. The surface is smooth, but there are fine unevenness on the surface, just between pottery and porcelain. This potter's clay contains a lot of iron, and has long been used for teapots. Using this clay, the iron is baked in a method that makes the iron black without applying glaze. There are two colors, "black" and "white".

The color of clay and firing, not the color of the glaze. By using it, the luster and depth of color will increase. This is also one of the pleasures of using it. Even with tea stains, the taste becomes deeper, which is a fun difference from porcelain or painted glaze. You can use it as you grow.

This teapot is Originally started by Totsuchiya, it is now produced by Nankei Pottery, a kiln that mainly makes teapots. Banko-yaki from Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, is popular for making teapots that are lightly and hard baked using unique highly viscous clay.

Because it does not absorb water, it does not easily retain the scent of tea leaves, so you can use it even if you change the tea leaves. Nice place for everyday use. In addition, since the iron-rich soil is not glazed, The fine unevenness on the surface moderates the astringency of the tea, making it mellow and delicious.

The tea strainer is called a joint tea strainer and is made of the same ceramic material as the main teapot, with fine holes. Each hole is hand-drilled by a craftsman. A stainless steel tea strainer may feel metallic, but with a shared tea strainer, you can enjoy the taste of the tea leaves themselves. The hemispherical shape has fine holes, so tea leaves do not get clogged and can be poured smoothly.

Ease of use is achieved through the detailed production process unique to a pottery that mainly produces teapots.

The lid, body, handle, and spout are molded separately and then put together.

Over the years of continuous production, the angle between the handle and spout has been considered and adjusted for ease of use. The angle is slightly shallower than 90 degrees. This fine adjustment makes everyday movements comfortable.

In the final process after taking out the kiln, the lid and the main body are removed one by one, and the two are firmly "rubbed" using powder. The body and the lid are made so that the lid fits snugly.

The tip of the spout is designed to reduce dripping.


Due to the use of pottery clay containing iron powder, there are some black spots on the surface, but please enjoy the texture of the material.

Maximum width 17.8 cm x diameter 14.9 cm x height 9.5 cm

Large hot water only: about 2 to 3 cups
Small hot water only: about 4 to 5 cups

Exclusive boxed

[Handling and care]
・Do not put it on an open flame.
・When washing in a dishwasher, it may be damaged depending on the usage conditions. We recommend hand washing separately.
・Rinse the tea waste quickly with water or hot water, drain well and dry. It is more hygienic to dry it in the sun from time to time.


*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・" There are two colors, black and white.

・How to pour: If you tilt it suddenly, hot water may spill out from around the lid. Start pouring at a gentle angle and tilt slowly.

・You can see different colors, shapes, and related products of the same series from the # list below the "Add to Cart" button.