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  • 曲げわっぱ 楕円弁当箱(小)拭き漆
  • 曲げわっぱ 楕円弁当箱(小)拭き漆
  • 曲げわっぱ 楕円弁当箱(小)拭き漆
  • 曲げわっぱ 楕円弁当箱(小)拭き漆
  • 曲げわっぱ 楕円弁当箱(小)拭き漆
  • 曲げわっぱ 楕円弁当箱(小)拭き漆
  • 曲げわっぱ 楕円弁当箱(小)拭き漆
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Magewappa oval lunch box (small) Wiped lacquer

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Made in the Kiso region of Nagano, this Magewappa is finished with wiped lacquer. In Nagano, lacquerware production has been popular for a long time as well as bending.

Hinoki is used for the side plates, and Sawara is used for the lid and bottom plate. All Kiso wood is used, including the bark of the wild cherry tree used to connect the seams . Hinoki cypress, which is sticky and bendable, is used for the side panels, making the most of each characteristic. All materials are light, so it is ideal as a portable lunch box.

The finish is wipe lacquer. Unpainted wood finish (plain wood) is colored and weak against water, so it is difficult to use it every day. You can use the natural material of wood and lacquer without urethane painting or coating, and it is strong against water and oil. If you do not wash it immediately, the color and oil content of the ingredients will not stain, so you can leave it as it is after you finish eating.

There are two types: “round” and “oval”. This oval has a slim shape, so it is convenient to carry. Only the ellipse has the same wiped lacquer finish partition plate as the main body to separate rice and side dishes. The partition plate is A small rectangular plate. There is no groove for the partition plate on the main body side, so please use it in your favorite position. You can use it without the partition plate.

It also features a deep lid. Even if the lid is tightly covered and the empty lid is used like a vessel.

Please note that the main body and lid are made of the same material, so they are not airtight.

When washing, detergent can be used without any problems. Avoid using hard brushes and wash with a sponge or acrylic scrubbing brush. After washing, if you wipe it off immediately, you can use it cleanly without leaving any traces of water droplets, but there is almost no need to worry about mold.

Side plate: Hinoki Kiso, Nagano Prefecture
Lid/bottom plate: Kiso, Nagano Prefecture
Joining seams: Wild cherry bark Kiso, Nagano Prefecture
wipe lacquer

(Small) Lid Dimensions: Width 16 x Depth 10 x Height 5.5cm Capacity: Approximately 400ml

< (Middle) Lid size: width 18 x depth 12 x height 5.5 cm capacity: about 570 ml>
<(Large) Lid dimensions: width 20 x depth 14 x height 5.5 cm Capacity: about 750 ml>

[Precautions for use and care]
・Since it cannot be sealed, when carrying a lunch box, please do not put anything that produces a lot of juice.
・Please avoid soaking in water for a long time.
・Avoid washing with a hard brush. The lacquer coating may be scraped off.
・After washing with water, wipe off the water with a cloth.
・Please refrain from using a dishwasher, microwave oven, or refrigerator.


*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・There are 2 types of "Oval" and "Round" and 3 sizes of "Small", "Medium" and "Large". (The production situation may change due to the fact that it is becoming difficult to obtain wide materials.)

・We also accept repainting and repair correspondence at the workshop where we made it for a fee. Please contact our shop.