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  • 有料ギフトラッピング(紙包み・布包み)
  • 有料ギフトラッピング(紙包み・布包み)
  • 有料ギフトラッピング(紙包み・布包み)
  • 有料ギフトラッピング(紙包み・布包み)
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Paid gift wrapping (paper wrapping, cloth wrapping)

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Paid gift wrapping. Please add this to your cart together with the product and proceed with the order.

▼Paper wrapping

Casual gift wrapping.

Wrap it in paper and tie a string. We will choose the type of paper and string according to the shape and size of the contents, so please leave it to us.

Noshi is basically not supported, but if you wish, please contact us before ordering. If it is possible depending on the content, exterior, and combination of the product, we will accept it.

▼ cloth wrapping

Wrapping using leftover fabric from PINT products.

Wrap it in a cloth and tie it with a string.

The leftover cloth from products and sample products is treated with a lock, so you can use it like a furoshiki or cloth. The main fabric material is linen, but other materials may be used, and patchwork may be used depending on the size of the scraps.

We will select the type according to the shape and size of the contents, so please leave it to us.

The sample photo is a small size, but we also have a large size available. The method of tying and fastening the string varies depending on the size and shape.

Noshi is not available for cloth wrapping.

▼Precautions when ordering

・When ordering multiple items, please specify the items to be wrapped with gift wrapping in the wrapping remarks column. "Wrapping all together" "Wrapping only ○○" "Wrapping only one ○○"

・If you would like multiple wrappings, please order that number.

・Some products are not eligible for gift wrapping. If the product tag of the product you wish to wrap has " # Not eligible for gift wrapping" , wrapping cannot be done. After confirming the order, the wrapping price will be canceled and refunded, and the product will be delivered in normal packaging. Please note.