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  • 木曽ひのきの杓文字 拭き漆|18cm
  • 木曽ひのきの杓文字 拭き漆|18cm
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Kiso cypress scoop character wiped lacquer|18cm

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In Nagano Prefecture, scoop letters made from Kiso cypress, the same as Magewappa.

Simple construction using small materials that came out at the time of sawing. The lightness unique to cypress and the same as Magewappa , It is characterized by a wipe-lacquer finish. There are two sizes, 18cm and 21cm.

Since the handle is straight from the tip to the tip and the surface is not large, this is not recommended for those looking for a solid scoop character that can be used every day when cooking rice. Hand-rolled sushi , chirashi-zushi, and serving rice dishes from a large plate or bowl on the table are suitable.

It is also recommended as a miso spatula, such as when making miso soup, as the small size and softness of the wood are comfortable to use.

One side has the carved letters "Kiso Hinoki".

Because of the wipe-lacquer finish, it is more resistant to water and oil than unpainted wood and is easy to handle.

Cypress Kiso, Nagano Prefecture
wipe lacquer

Length 18cm x Width 5.5cm x Thickness 0.6cm

・Avoid using a hard brush. The lacquer may peel off.
・Please avoid soaking in water for a long time.
・Detergent can be used without problems. It's okay to wash with a soft brush or wash with a sponge.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・There are 2 sizes of "18cm" and "21cm".