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  • 【7月中旬お届け】木間服装製作 pants polyester-cotton black|unisex freesize
  • 【7月中旬お届け】木間服装製作 pants polyester-cotton black|unisex freesize
  • 【7月中旬お届け】木間服装製作 pants polyester-cotton black|unisex freesize
  • 【7月中旬お届け】木間服装製作 pants polyester-cotton black|unisex freesize
  • 【7月中旬お届け】木間服装製作 pants polyester-cotton black|unisex freesize
  • 【7月中旬お届け】木間服装製作 pants polyester-cotton black|unisex freesize
  • 【7月中旬お届け】木間服装製作 pants polyester-cotton black|unisex freesize
  • 【7月中旬お届け】木間服装製作 pants polyester-cotton black|unisex freesize
  • 【7月中旬お届け】木間服装製作 pants polyester-cotton black|unisex freesize
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[Restock] Kima Fukusei pants polyester-cotton black|unisex freesize

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The most basic type of pants made by Kima Clothing. One unisex size.

The 100% cotton pants and the type are different from the same fabric, and the material is polyester cotton. This fabric is only available in one color, black. The thickness is almost the same as cotton fabric or slightly thinner, and it has a crisp feeling peculiar to polyester thread. The weave structure is plain weave, Because it has a luster, it gives a more beautiful impression than cotton fabric.

The female model in the photo is 160cm tall. The waist is elastic and string, so you can easily adjust the waist position without the need for a belt, so you can wear it according to your height and your favorite silhouette.
For men who are 178cm, if you drop the waist position a little, the hem will be about ankle length.

The waist rubber is only on both sides, and the front part is a string of the same fabric. Therefore, although it is easy to put on and take off and is comfortable to wear, it does not look like easy pants, and you can wear it with a clean and beautiful impression. The waist position and how the hem is folded can change the silhouette and atmosphere, so please adjust as you like.

The waist is slightly loose, and the silhouette falls neatly down. Regardless of the body type, the shape seen from the back is also beautiful. The inseam is slightly gusseted to ensure ease of movement.

Wide silhouette, almost straight but slightly tapering towards the hem. Although it has volume, it does not have an extremely thick or tapered silhouette, so it is easy to match with various clothes and styles.

There are 4 pockets in total, front and back.

It is comfortable to put on and take off, and it is easy to wear. However, it does not give a rough impression and can be worn neatly with a shirt. It is recommended as a classic pair of pants that has been used many times.

The ring, which is also an icon common to all clothes made by Kima Clothing, can be used not only as a design, but also by hanging it on a hook.

<Kima clothes production>
Shunsuke Kima, who is based in Kyoto, makes each piece of clothing by himself, from design, pattern, cutting, to sewing.

The selection of fabrics, the simple yet detailed design, the pattern that makes the silhouette look beautiful, and the careful and beautiful sewing. Basic types such as coats, shirts, and pants are clothes that are easy to use everyday.

The characteristic is sizing. Basically, one unisex size is available (two sizes for shirts). A coat, long shirt, shirt, and pants fit perfectly for a 178cm male, while women can wear it oversized as well. Even at the store, the ratio of men and women is exactly half, and they are selected as they are without size adjustment.

The main fabric used is cotton, and the majority of items have an urban look rather than an earthy feel. I don't think there are many one-size-fits-all unisex clothes that have a standard shape, but Mr. Kima's clothes have a perfect balance.
Of course, if a petite woman wears it, it will feel oversized, but even with the thickest coat, the sleeves can be rolled up, and the waist position can be adjusted with the elastic and string on the pants. You can enjoy it in a certain way.

Of course, this is because it is made with the idea that women can wear it as it is, even if it is oversized. The image is said to have a picture of Marilyn Monroe in a flight jacket. The sexiness of a woman in masculine workwear. This is one of the reasons why Mr. Kima's unisex clothes were born.

Depending on the style, you'll also find linear cuts and stitching, similar to those found in workwear. Made to be worn as everyday wear without hesitation. The loose patterned silhouette is comfortable and stress-free, and the main fabric is cotton, so it is easy to care for. You can wear it relaxedly while having a crisp atmosphere.

The stitching is also beautiful, the button holes are hand-sewn, and the serial number is hand-embroidered on all clothes.

65% polyester, 35% cotton


unisex freesize (1size)

Total length (measured at armpit) 95 cm, waist 74-98 cm, hips 122 cm, rise 35 cm, inseam 66 cm

model 160cm

* The store owner is wearing a slim male 178cm.

[Handling and care]
The metal ring on the rear side cannot be removed. Even if you don't put it in the net, there is no particular problem in my experience, but there is a possibility that it will come into contact with the inside of the washing machine or the buttons of other clothes, so please put it in the net when washing.
Other than this point, there is no problem with normal washing.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・Polyester cotton fabric is "black" 1 color, The 100% cotton fabric comes in three standard colors: khaki, beige, and black. Unisex free size, available in 1 size.