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  • 毎日使える拭き漆の器 拭き漆|茶
  • 毎日使える拭き漆の器 拭き漆|茶
  • 毎日使える拭き漆の器 拭き漆|茶
  • 毎日使える拭き漆の器 拭き漆|茶
  • 毎日使える拭き漆の器 拭き漆|茶
  • 毎日使える拭き漆の器 拭き漆|茶
  • 毎日使える拭き漆の器 拭き漆|茶
  • 毎日使える拭き漆の器 拭き漆|茶
  • 毎日使える拭き漆の器 拭き漆|茶
  • 毎日使える拭き漆の器 拭き漆|茶
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Wiping lacquer utensils that can be used every day Wiping lacquer|Brown

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This is the first product of "Everyone's Tool", a new form of manufacturing created not only by PINT but also by users and craftsmen.

●The concept is “wiping lacquer utensils that can be used every day”

When you think of lacquerware, many people may have an image of daily use and decorations for special occasions. However, just as porcelain is called China, lacquerware is also called Japan, and the technology of lacquerware has been passed down in Japan. It's a very good thing, and it should be more active just by matching it to your current lifestyle. In order to realize this, we worked together on product planning while actually communicating and learning to users.

So, what is a vessel that can be used every day?
A vessel that can be used as a serving plate or as a serving plate.
A vessel that you will want to use at any dining table regardless of the dining table or number of people.
Of course, today's dining table is a dining table, and not only Japanese dishes but also Western dishes are lined up. In order to prevent the lacquerware from floating, it is necessary to consider the shape and color.
While thinking about that, we all thought.

Here are the points I came up with.

・As a serving dish, the height is such that everyone can easily pick up chopsticks. To 5.5 cm after worrying about troubles.
・The rim is slightly curved so that you can enjoy soup when using it as a serving plate or individual plate. Soup is also delicious.
・By making the edges curved outward, it is also advantageous as a serving dish. By visually facing outward, it has an open shape and is easy to take.
・By layering vermilion and black instead of the vermillion or black of wipe lacquer, the color matches Japanese tableware and Western tableware.
・We have eliminated the foot of the bowl (bowl legs) so that it can be used on a dining table instead of a low table.
- Instead of having a foot, the back has a smooth curved dent so that it can easily be caught on your fingers.

If you pick up from among the ideas that you want to serve,
"Stew", "meat dishes", "pork soup with lots of ingredients", "pot dish", "somen in summer", "ochazuke", "colorful raw vegetables such as salads", "simmered dishes", "miso soup", "rice cooked with rice", etc.

In addition to the popular lacquerware soup bowl, it should be possible to use it in various ways every day.

If you can use it every day, and if you can use it a lot, it means that the performance of the vessel is good, but there is something more exciting than that.
As the lacquerware is used, the color of the lacquer becomes transparent and the color becomes brighter.
It goes well with the oil of human hands, and it is said that lacquerware is ultimately finished by the user.
That's why I wanted to make the lacquerware that I had the chance to use a lot every day and grow with it.

Since it is lacquered, it is resistant to moisture and can be used without hesitation every day.
As long as you avoid strong friction and even soaking and washing, there is no need for delicate handling.

A product created through the cooperation of many people, including users, creators (woodworkers and lacquerers), PINT, and joint project Kagure.
A good product unique to the user's perspective has been completed.

** about color **
The color name of this work is "brown", but the color is produced by layering red and black lacquer. It is not brown lacquer mixed with synthetic pigments, but two colors that have been traditionally used for a long time.
In the process of wiping lacquer, the same color is usually applied over and over, but different colors are applied over and over.

When lacquer is exposed to air, it oxidizes and turns from liquid to solid. It is different from general drying in which water evaporates. As it hardens, it becomes transparent and the color becomes brighter. When it hardens, it stops changing.

Because of the layering of the same color as usual, the color changes little by little brighter (lighter).
In the case of this work, in addition to the change due to transparency, the red painted underneath gradually comes out stronger. After using it for a while, I painted it so that it would be closer to the color of the photo on this page and calm down.

For this reason, there is a strong black color at the time of delivery, but please do not worry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

▼Everyone's Item▼
All product development stories are open to the public, from study of materials and technology, planning and development meetings, to presentations using products. Please check this out for details.

Everyone's Tool

Wiping lacquer utensils that can be used every day Wiping lacquer (Everyone's item #00)

Keyaki (domestic material)
Wipe lacquer Red lacquer / Black lacquer

Diameter 14 x height 5.5 cm

・Avoid using a hard brush. The lacquer may peel off.
・Please avoid soaking in water for a long time.
・Detergent can be used. It's okay to wash with a soft brush or wash with a sponge.
・Avoid using a microwave oven or tableware dryer.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・There is another color "black".

・With the same material and wipe-lacquer finish, There are "soup bowl" and "don bowl".

・We do not repaint and repair due to the intention of the lacquer craftsman. The reason for this is that with long-term use, salt from cooking may penetrate into areas where the lacquer has become thinner, and even if the lacquer is reapplied, the quality cannot be guaranteed afterward.