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  • 漆塗りのハツリカップ|ミズメザクラ
  • 漆塗りのハツリカップ|ミズメザクラ
  • 漆塗りのハツリカップ|ミズメザクラ
  • 漆塗りのハツリカップ|ミズメザクラ
  • 漆塗りのハツリカップ|ミズメザクラ
  • 漆塗りのハツリカップ|ミズメザクラ
  • 漆塗りのハツリカップ|ミズメザクラ
  • 漆塗りのハツリカップ|ミズメザクラ
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Lacquered chipping cup|Mizumezakura

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A lacquered cup made by Takashi Kojima, a woodturner in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture.

Wooden cups tend to be unsophisticated, like so-called souvenirs.

This cup looks heavy and looks unfashionable by using Mizumezakura and adding a process of shaving after grinding on a potter's wheel.

You can feel the texture of wood and lacquer just right, and I would like you to use it as a daily cup and hot water cup.

The tree is Mizumezakura. The wood grain appears light, so the feeling of wood is not too strong, and it blends well with other vessels.
After shaving the Mizumezakura into the shape of a regular bowl with a potter's wheel using the turning technique, the outside is scraped off to create this distinctive shape. Since this shaving process is a different type of work from turning wood, it is difficult for general woodturners to produce it. Mr. Kojima was able to handle a wide range of processing, so this vessel was made.

Normally, the lacquer work is done by different craftsmen, but Ms. Kojima does the lacquer herself. It is neither fuki-urushi nor shin-nuri, but a unique combination of brush-coating and polishing. In particular, it is finished with a thicker coating than wipe lacquer. The inside, which is exposed to moisture and ingredients, is painted thickly, and the different colors and expressions on the inside and outside are also attractive.

Since it is lacquered, hot drinks are of course possible. You can use hot tea in a teapot without any problems. Avoid pouring freshly boiled water directly. It may turn white.

Not only hot drinks, but also water and cold ones. The soft texture of wood is different from that of glass or ceramics.

For those who are not good at fuki-lacquer bowls and soup bowls, we recommend that you try the first wooden lacquerware, a cup.

Since the shaving is done by hand, there are individual differences. Please note that both the wood and lacquer are natural materials, so the color may vary depending on the timing of production. If you are concerned about individual differences, please contact us by message when ordering. We will respond as much as possible within the range of stock.

Mizumezakura Japanese wood lacquered

Diameter 7.9 x Height 7.2cm

No box. It will be delivered wrapped in cushioning material.

・Avoid using a hard brush. The lacquer may peel off.
・Please avoid soaking in water for a long time.
・Detergent can be used without problems. It's okay to wash with a soft brush or wash with a sponge.
・Avoid using a refrigerator, microwave oven, or dish dryer.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・There are two types in the same series: “Hatsuri Cup” and “Hatsuri Bowl”.