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  • 鉄の箸置き
  • 鉄の箸置き
  • 鉄の箸置き
  • 鉄の箸置き
  • 鉄の箸置き
  • 鉄の箸置き
  • 鉄の箸置き
  • 鉄の箸置き
  • 鉄の箸置き
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iron chopstick rest

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It's a personal preference, but I like thin chopsticks because they look beautiful when you hold them, and they make it easier to pick up food.

Therefore, PINT handles thin chopsticks.

However, when it comes to chopstick rests, there are many round and cute ones, and it was hard to find one that fits thin chopsticks.

I wanted to make a chopstick rest that fits thin and simple chopsticks, so I asked Yasushi Kaneko, a blacksmith who makes frying pans and pots, to create this chopstick rest.

Considering the balance with the chopsticks and the table, I thought about the minimal form.

It looks pretty simple, but there is no machine process, and it is all handmade and made one by one, and it is full of handwork.

Like frying pans and pots, it is made into a square shape by hammering and forging a round bar of iron using a technique called forging, in which iron is hammered and tightened while being shaped. As a result, the structure of the iron is forged, and at the same time, the taste of the difference between each firm iron skin comes out. The corners are not too steep, and it feels good in your hand. Although it is simple, it can be made into a similar shape by cutting a square bar of iron or by casting, but the unique texture of this manufacturing method is attractive. Please note that due to this manufacturing method, there are individual differences in the expression and size of the iron skin.

When viewed from the side, it is a rectangle rather than a square. Depending on the orientation, you can change the height to 3.5mm or 4.5mm.

This is not meant to be used exclusively for bamboo chopsticks, but please note that the height may not match depending on the shape of the chopsticks due to their small size.

It is finished with baked lacquer, and although it has a matte texture, the color and luster of the material are attractive.

Chopstick rests are often made of ceramic or glass, but the good thing about iron is that it won't break even if you drop it. It is popular not only at home but also at restaurants.

Produced by Mr. Kaneko. A round bar is heated and beaten to form one point at a time.
PINT and zawa collection on the tray and after aging
Last photo pantechnicon in London

Iron-baked lacquer finish

Due to the manufacturing method, the expression of the iron skin is different one by one.

3.2-3.4cm long x 3.5mm x 4.5mm

A craftsman heats and forges a round bar of iron with a high-pitched sound, shapes it into a square shape, cuts it off and shapes it. All work is done by hand, no machines are used. It is a process called forging, which involves high temperature and large movement, but it is a very detailed work. Therefore, please understand that there may be a deviation of mm or less. If you purchase multiple items, we will do our best to deliver them together.


[Handling and care]
・Although it is finished with baked lacquer, it is made of iron, so please be careful of moisture and rust. After use, please wipe off the moisture after washing.

・It is recommended to wash with running water without using detergent. If you are concerned about odors or stains and use detergent when washing, please be more careful when wiping off the water, as the oil will also be removed.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*
・Please feel free to contact us if you would like to order more than the number displayed in stock. Although there are many situations where we are out of stock or the quantity is small, we always continue to produce, so we will accept orders in the form of securing from the next production.

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