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  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
  • 鉄瓶 なつめ 1.5L
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Iron kettle Natsume 1.5L

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Chobundo's iron kettle is made in Yamagata.

Chobundo's representative iron kettle "Natsume" comes in two sizes, 1.5L and 1.0L.
The difference in size and the knob part of the lid are different. The knob on this 1.5L lid is shaped like a plum.
While many iron kettles are horizontally long, this one is slightly vertically long. A cute iron kettle with a rounded shape.

The capacity is 1.5L (when full of water), and it is a little over 1L with about 70 to 80% of the eyes filled. It can be used for about 4 to 5 people, and it is an easy-to-use size for today's lifestyle. The large size also serves as the small size, so it is recommended for those who live alone or with a small number of people such as two people.

Iron kettles tend to be thought of as a high hurdle, but when you actually use them, they are surprisingly easy and do not require daily maintenance. Moreover, the taste of hot water is easy to understand compared to stainless steel kettles, and it is a tool that I would like to use more and more every day.

I would like to introduce two points about tetsubin that I would like you to know first.

The hot water is mellow and delicious

First and foremost is the taste of the hot water.
It is often said to be "mellow", but it is soft enough to be felt clearly.
It's especially easy to understand when it's white water.
Some of them are enamel-processed to make them easier to handle, but the ones introduced in PINT are, of course, pure iron.
It suppresses various substances and bleaching powder in the water and contains iron that is easily absorbed by the body. Many people suffer from iron deficiency, but it is difficult to get enough iron in their diet. It is natural and easy to replenish with regular hot water or tea.

How to get along with an iron kettle is simple

No special care is required, and these are the only two points to be aware of when using.

1. Empty the contents after boiling the water

Boil the water and use it up.
Boil only the amount that will be used, transfer to a pot, and discard the remaining hot water.
If you empty the hot iron kettle, the residual heat will quickly evaporate the hot water inside and dry it.
If the inside gets cold, throw away the water and evaporate it over a little fire.

2. Do not wash inside, do not touch
It is used to boil water and does not need to be washed. Also, do not touch the inside. The more you use it, the more it will be covered with hot water scale, and it will become stronger.

Details are also described in the instruction manual that comes with the product, but I think there are many things to worry about when using it for the first time. Please feel free to contact us even before ordering .

A feature of Yamagata casting is that it is made thinner than other production areas. The thickness is about 3mm. One of the concerns about iron kettles is their weight.

For finishing, it is quenched at a high temperature of 1000 degrees or more to prevent rust by applying an oxide film. While baking the iron kettle, the lacquer is baked using a mego brush, and then the ohaguro is brushed to color it.

By the way, although it depends on the production area and maker, there are many iron kettles that are half machine-processed, but this iron kettle is all hand-made. Therefore, the production volume is small, and the situation continues that production cannot keep up, and mass production is not possible. The price is also not cheap because of this way of making, but the manufacturing method and specifications are reliable, so you can buy it with confidence.

Depending on the condition, we accept repairs at Chobundo as much as possible. If you have any problems with repairs or maintenance, please feel free to contact us at any time.

After 7 These are other types of iron kettles that we have handled in the past. Please see it as a use image image.
7-8/11 and later Discontinued model
9-10 Tsurukubi (made by Chobundo, can be ordered. Please contact us if you wish)

Iron (Lacquer baked finish)


about 1.4kg

Body diameter (excluding spout): 14.5cm Width including spout: 18cm
Body height: 12cm Height including strings: 23.5cm
Bottom diameter: 9.5cm
* Measure the longest part of each

[About handling]
・Detailed handling instructions will be included with the product.
・IH can be used without problems. However, some IH devices may not work if the bottom diameter is not large enough, so please check.
・Once the water is boiled, use it up and empty the contents. If you leave the water, it will cause a metal taste.
・Do not wash the inside. Also, don't touch it. Red spots may appear here and there inside, but this is a phenomenon unique to tetsubin. If the water is clear and doesn't have a golden tint to it, even if it looks rusty, it's safe to use. If you are concerned about the metal, wrap a cup of hot water in a tea towel and boil it 2 or 3 times. Tea stains adhere to the inside and become tannin iron, which has the effect of stopping metal.

[Precautions for use]
・Since the strings are also made of iron, they get hot. Please wrap it with a cloth before use.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・There are other types such as size and type. All of the iron kettles we currently handle are made by Chobundo in Yamagata. #iron kettle