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  • 豆豆皿 薬味皿・箸置き <10色>
  • 豆豆皿 薬味皿・箸置き <10色>
  • 豆豆皿 薬味皿・箸置き <10色>
  • 豆豆皿 薬味皿・箸置き <10色>
  • 豆豆皿 薬味皿・箸置き <10色>
  • 豆豆皿 薬味皿・箸置き <10色>
  • 豆豆皿 薬味皿・箸置き <10色>
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Mamemezara condiment dish and chopstick rest <10 colors>

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色別在庫数: Light blue (top/left) - 4   Blue (top/middle left) - 1   Brown (High/Medium) - 0   Reddish brown (top/middle right) - 6   Light peach (top, right) - 8   Gray (bottom/left) - 0   Gray matte (bottom/middle left) - 0   Metal A (bottom/middle) - 6   Metal B (bottom/middle right) - 6   Black (bottom/right) - 5  



tiny little plate. Made by Atsushi Izaki, who makes pottery in Tama, Tokyo. Until now, we had requested production for events and gifts, but now PINT will handle it.

As a condiment plate. As a chopstick rest. Even if you put sugar cubes and pickled plums gently. We often hear that you want to add yuzu pepper.

Condiments, seasonings, chopstick rests, and many other things. I'd like you to use it freely, not limited to condiment plates. With that in mind, I named it Mamemamezara.

The shape is not a mold, but one by one, so there is no same pattern, shape, or size. Of course, there are individual differences in how the glaze is applied.


the last four ( Color: Black) PINT and zawa collection


Diameter 4.3cm - 5cm
Height 6mm - 7mm

*These are approximate ranges.
*If you specify a larger or smaller diameter, we will select it from our inventory. If you do not specify, we will deliver in a combination that can match the size as much as possible according to the contents of your order.
*Since each piece is different, no two pieces are the same. Please be aware of this before placing your order.


*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

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