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  • ハツリ小皿 タモ|漆塗り 黄×黒
  • ハツリ小皿 タモ|漆塗り 黄×黒
  • ハツリ小皿 タモ|漆塗り 黄×黒
  • ハツリ小皿 タモ|漆塗り 黄×黒
  • ハツリ小皿 タモ|漆塗り 黄×黒
  • ハツリ小皿 タモ|漆塗り 黄×黒
  • ハツリ小皿 タモ|漆塗り 黄×黒
  • ハツリ小皿 タモ|漆塗り 黄×黒
  • ハツリ小皿 タモ|漆塗り 黄×黒
  • ハツリ小皿 タモ|漆塗り 黄×黒
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Chipping small plate Tamo | Lacquered yellow x black

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Mr. Masahiro Goto of Suhana, a lacquerware craftsman in Kyoto, is lacquering a small plate made by Mr. Makoto Miyazaki. After seeing this small plate at the store, he wanted to try finishing it with lacquer, so he made it.

Both the front and back are lacquered. It is painted with a brush instead of the wiping lacquer used for PINT bowls. The price will be higher, but the thickness of the coating film is also high, and the fastness is also high. Mr. Goto is a creator who often combines Japanese paper and lacquer, but of course he can also work on wooden bases. He has a deep knowledge of old tools and tea utensils, and is a lacquer painter with an attractive use of colors.

A small plate that is resistant to oil and water and can be used for a long time. Even with the same shape, it has a different atmosphere from the beeswax oil finish. Because it is light, it is easy to use for everyday use.

We make one color at a time and sell it at the storefront, and we currently have two types in stock. Limited to 1 item per design.

The last two small plates finished with beeswax oil. Please see the size reference.

Ash lacquered finish

10 cm diameter x 1.3 cm thick

・Avoid using a refrigerator, microwave oven, or dishwasher.
・Avoid using a hard brush. The lacquer may peel off.
・Please avoid soaking in water for a long time.
・There is no problem using dish soap, soft brushes or sponges.

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