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  • 牛革 漆塗コースター 朱×黒
  • 牛革 漆塗コースター 朱×黒
  • 牛革 漆塗コースター 朱×黒
  • 牛革 漆塗コースター 朱×黒
  • 牛革 漆塗コースター 朱×黒
  • 牛革 漆塗コースター 朱×黒
  • 牛革 漆塗コースター 朱×黒
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Cowhide lacquered coaster vermillion x black

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Cowhide leather is cut into circles and lacquered on both sides. For coasters, flat plates, etc.

The leather was made when I was experimenting with new materials for PINT's original leather products. The original cow, called raw leather, is also domestic (most of the general leather is overseas cows), and it is a material that has been tanned in Himeji. Both the tanning and the dyeing process were made through repeated fine adjustments through a leather shop in Osaka. It was a very good finish, but it was too hard to sew.

This leather is lacquered by Masahiro Goto of Juhana, a lacquerware craftsman in Kyoto. Leather coasters are often cut with a mold, but they are cut by hand. Lines (shapes) unique to the hand appear. In addition, Mr. Goto has a pattern on the surface using a mold for old leather crafts. It's the one circled in the picture.

The combination of leather and lacquer may not be familiar, but it is a technique that has been used for a long time and is called lacquer skin (shippi). I thought it wouldn't be very practical, but when I actually made it and used it, it was extremely soft, especially as a coaster, and it was quite comfortable to use. It has a sharp appearance, but the slight softness when placing the cup on it feels like no other material. There is no water absorption, so it can be used as a table for placing cups. The surface is lacquer, so it can be called lacquerware. It can also be used as a flat plate for small sweets.

Both the front and back are lacquered. It is painted with a brush instead of the wiping lacquer used for PINT bowls. The price will be higher, but the thickness of the coating film is also high, and the fastness is also high. Mr. Goto is a creator who often combines Japanese paper and lacquer, but he also works with materials such as wood base and this leather. He has a deep knowledge of old tools and tea utensils, and is a lacquer painter with an attractive use of colors.

Resistant to oil and water, it can be used for a long time. If it is within the normal usage range, delicate handling is not necessary. Please be careful not to apply strong force in the direction of folding. The lacquer surface may crack or crack.

We make one color at a time and sell it at the storefront, and we currently have two types in stock. Limited to 1 item per design.

1・3 Surface
2・4 Back side

Cowhide, lacquered

10 cm in diameter x 0.1 cm in thickness

・Avoid using a refrigerator, microwave oven, or dishwasher.
・Avoid using a hard brush. The lacquer may peel off.
・Please avoid soaking in water for a long time.
・There is no problem using dish soap, soft brushes or sponges.
・Do not apply strong force in the direction of folding.

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