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  • タンブラー 円柱 白マット
  • タンブラー 円柱 白マット
  • タンブラー 円柱 白マット
  • タンブラー 円柱 白マット
  • タンブラー 円柱 白マット
  • タンブラー 円柱 白マット
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cup truncated cone white mat

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The size of a large hot water only. Not only can it be used for drinks, but the low and open shape makes it easy to use as a bowl for desserts and salads, as well as a small bowl.

The color, material, and shape are all simple, but there is a fine balance between how the corners are left and the thickness, and it is somewhat classy and useful.

This cup has a matte textured glaze, and has a unique whiteness and soft texture that is unique to the white matte glaze. There is no luster and the surface is smooth. It looks soft and gentle.

There is a "cylinder" with a different shape.

Production is Originally started as a pottery shop, Nankei Pottery is now a pottery that mainly makes teapots. Banko-yaki from Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, is popular for making teapots that are lightly and hard baked using unique highly viscous clay.


Diameter 8.0cm x Height 6.3cm (Diameter is the longest edge)

About 170cc (filled capacity)


[Handling and care]
・Dishwasher safe

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

There is a "cylinder" with a different shape.

・You can see different colors, shapes, and related products of the same series from the # list below the "Add to Cart" button.