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Mohair Linen Knit Stole|Snow White

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A stole for fall and winter made of mohair material as well as linen.

Mohair comes from the Angora goat and is characterized by its fineness and softness. Because the shape of the cuticle is different, this material does not have the itchy feel of wool.

Instead of blending mohair and linen (mixing them at the stage of making yarn), we use linen and mohair yarns and blend them by taking advantage of the characteristics of each yarn. Mohair and linen are knitted with yarn-dyed yarns, so it features a natural and beautiful color gradation. Combining the lustrous texture of linen with slightly longer mohair , it has a gentle and soft look and feel.

It's perfect for those slightly chilly days when you want something between a linen or cotton stole and a wool scarf. In addition, it is less warm than 100% wool or mohair, but if you combine it with outerwear and wrap it around, you can use it even in winter. Linen is also included and there is no thickness, so it looks neat and comfortable to wear.

Like other Kenland linen knit products, it is light and wrinkle resistant.

We also have a lot of colors. Originally, the coloration is unique to a manufacturer that also worked on collection brand products. Linen dyes brighter and more beautifully than cotton, and this color variation takes advantage of its characteristics.

Like other linen knit products, it can be washed at home. As for the washing method, it can be machine washed, and there is no special care to be taken except to use a net to prevent snagging.


A factory specializing in linen knitwear located in Yamagata Prefecture, where the knitting industry is thriving.

Linen is most often used as a woven fabric, and knits (knitted) are rarely seen. Kenland, which has long continued to manufacture collection brand knit products centered on wool, has perfected linen knit technology through years of research, and now specializes in linen knit and produces it as its own brand.

To make linen into a knit, the machines and manufacturing methods are different from those of weaving, so detailed management and accumulation of techniques such as thread making, knitting, and dyeing are required. The finished fabric itself and the suitable use are also different.

Of course, linen's high water absorption, quick-drying, fastness, coolness, and glossy texture of the thread are the same. On the other hand, there are also aspects such as "it is easy to wrinkle" and "it is taut and a little hard at first". The knitted structure of linen knit creates elasticity, does not wrinkle, and has a soft texture.

In addition, unlike wool knits, it can be machine washed. "Linen material x knit technology" has advantages that other combinations do not have.

Since there are various types of knitting, the appearance and stretchability of each are different. Having supported the knit production of collection brands for many years, the development of colors is also attractive.

I think that there are many people who are new to linen knit, but it is a material that I would like you to try once.

43% linen, 36% mohair, 18% nylon, 3% wool

snow white

60cm x 170cm

*Since natural materials are used, there may be slight individual differences.

[Handling and care]
Dehydration is possible with a washing machine at home using a laundry net. In the case of hand washing, machine washing is recommended as the load varies depending on the part. Use a laundry net to prevent snagging.

When drying, it is recommended to dry flat. Please refrain from hanger drying as the fabric will stretch due to its own weight.

Avoid tumble drying as the fabric may shrink or become too soft.

Knitted fabrics become softer with every wash. Linen is a fiber that separates, so there will be dust at first due to the nature of the material, but this is not a problem. Please take the waste that came out.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・Available in various colors.