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  • HANDROOM WOMEN'S ボトルネック ワンピース / chacoal
  • HANDROOM WOMEN'S ボトルネック ワンピース / chacoal
  • HANDROOM WOMEN'S ボトルネック ワンピース / chacoal
  • HANDROOM WOMEN'S ボトルネック ワンピース / chacoal
  • HANDROOM WOMEN'S ボトルネック ワンピース / chacoal
  • HANDROOM WOMEN'S ボトルネック ワンピース / chacoal
  • HANDROOM WOMEN'S ボトルネック ワンピース / chacoal
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Handroom Women's Tasmanian Wool Stand Collar Jacket gray | ladies | 2size

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A jacket made of wool material that will be introduced for the first time in PINT. The product name is a jacket, but please imagine it as a wool coat that can be worn in winter.

The stand collar gives a neat impression around the neck, and the slightly short length is designed to match beautifully with skirts and wide pants. The pockets are placed on the darts on the front to make the silhouette of the jacket look beautiful. The specifications and pattern of the cuffs are also beautiful.

It's a thickness that can be said to be a jacket or a coat. (The feeling of a wool coat that is not thick is close.)
Like HANDROOM, it has a supple and soft texture and a luxurious feel. The fabric thickness is not too thick, and the feeling of wearing is light. It has excellent heat retention, and you can wear it warmly. It is lined with beautiful glossy cupro satin fabric.

Valuable, fine Tasmanian wool is used. A special fabric that is woven slowly over time by skilled craftsmen in Japan using old-fashioned shuttle looms, using fine and soft superlative wool obtained from Merino sheep bred on the island of Tasmania in the southeast of Australia. is used.
Soft drape and feel, durability and wrinkle resistance are the characteristics of this fabric.

It is soft to the touch and moderately thick, has excellent heat retention, and is light and comfortable to wear.

Although it is basic, it is a wool coat that has a strong presence because the fabric pattern and detailed specifications are well-made. The beauty and certainty of the sewing, and the comfort of wearing are also outstanding.

There are two colors, navy and gray, and two sizes, S and M.

I only took pictures with the buttons open, but you can wear it with all the buttons closed in the winter. Before it gets really cold, you can open it up and put it on like a jacket.

"EVERYMAN" has continued to support the creation of clothes through consulting for many apparel shops and brands.

The company, which has accumulated many years of experience in making clothes, launched its own brand "HAND ROOM" in 2015 to produce the highest quality domestically produced clothes, including materials, fabrics, designs, patterns, and sewing. .

Clothes made with attention to detail.
The commitment to materials and craftsmanship and the high quality are exceptional.

"I want to pursue uncompromising quality for items that I spend every day with" and "I want people to enjoy the luxury of high quality for everyday wear for a long time."
The idea of ​​``comfortable things that you use every day'' is close, so we decided to start handling it at PINT .
Clothes are worn directly against the skin for a long time. Materials and comfort are very important, and I think it's the same as other tools.
We would be happy if you could feel the clothes made with good materials from the basic items that you can wear everyday.

100% wool
(Lining: 100% cupra)


S| Shoulder width 38.0cm Sleeve length 56.0cm Width 47.5cm Length 51.5cm
M| Shoulder width 39.0cm Sleeve length 58.0cm Width 49.0cm Length 54.0cm

model 160cm
Wearing size S

[Handling and care]
·Dry cleaning. For details, please refer to the attached product tag and washing instructions.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・Available in two colors: gray and navy.

・There are " HANDROOM " and " HANDROOM WOMEN'S ". HANDROOM has unisex sizes, and WOMEN'S has women's sizes. The size notation differs for each product, so please refer to each product page.