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  • レザートートバッグ black <M>
  • レザートートバッグ black <M>
  • レザートートバッグ black <M>
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[Made-to-order] Leather tote bag black <S horizontal>

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A simple leather tote bag.

By using a leather material with a rich expression of the material, the leather is light and thick, and the shape and size make it easy to put in. I made a simple leather tote that is neither too tight nor too hard, and you can enjoy the changes in the material over time.

The best feature is the leather material. We use tanned cowhide leather. In the case of cowhide, it is said that most of the raw hides are imported, but here the raw hides are also made from Japanese cows, and the tanning is done in Himeji, which is one of the leading production areas in Japan.

Slightly rough and wild atmosphere. It's a texture you don't see very often. Originally, the leather had a thick, heavy, and hard impression, but by making it thinner, the weight and appearance became lighter, and the impression softened.

At first, it has a matte, slightly dry texture, but once you start using it, it immediately becomes glossy. A leather that changes quickly and greatly over time, and you can enjoy growing it from scratch . Even if you use it without maintenance, it will grow beautifully. Occasionally wipe with a dry cloth to increase luster. Of course, there is no problem if you clean it with oil, etc., but it may become a little stiff, so we recommend that you first try it in an inconspicuous place.

When it is brand new, it will stand on its own even if it is not filled, but once it has been used and softened, it will not stand on its own when empty.

It is made by simply sewing leather without lining. It has one pocket inside.

This S size (horizontal) balances the size and length and width, and unlike other size types, there is no change of leather on the main body.

▼Size comparison
|Width 44 x Height 40 x Depth 13cm
|Width 2.5 x Length 52cm

Main body|Width 41 x Height 37 x Depth 13cm
Handle|Width 2.5 x Length 52cm

S Horizontal body
|Width 38 x Height 24 x Depth 12cm
|Width 2.5 x Length 45cm

S Vertical body
|Width 26 x Height 30 x Depth 12cm
|Width 2.5 x Length 43.5cm


▼Material Because it is a natural material, there are individual differences, and this leather in particular has a very rich expression. We want to take advantage of the texture of this leather and make it look like a natural leather, so we only use parts where there is no problem with strength in use. Parts that may interfere with use, such as large scratches or areas that are too thin, are excluded at the time of production. Please note that the delivered product will be judged as a non-defective product.

Because the surface is made of soft leather, there may be traces of sewing machines left during production, but these will disappear with use. There are areas that look whitish due to the leather manufacturing and finishing process, but this will disappear as the luster increases with use.

Please feel free to contact us so that we can send you a simple photo of the item in stock before placing your order.

<PINT leather series>
Purchasing genuine leather, Originally made by requesting sewing from Mr. Osawa of nasturtium.

・Genuine tanned leather
・A type of leather that is particularly enjoyable to change over time and grows to a good texture without maintenance
・Simple structure and shape, design with freedom of use
I will make it with the point.

Start by looking for leather. I visited many leather shops in search of a leather that has a solid atmosphere and texture as a material, and that is likely to change over time, but is not too heavy or too hard.

I was looking for a leather that would change over time and would be fun to use, so of course the first condition was that it was genuine leather and had not undergone any cosmetic processing. Also, as for the tanning method, tannin tanning produces deeper changes over time than chemical chrome tanning. There are so many kinds of leather, but surprisingly, I couldn't find it because I couldn't find it.

This leather is genuine cowhide that was rolled up in a corner of a leather shop. Himeji leather tanned in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, which is famous for tanning raw leather in Japan. It was quite hard, but I fell in love with it at first sight because of its different presence from other leathers. There seems to be a lot of scratches, and there is a feeling of instability, but it was attractive.

The leather is quite thick, so I skim it to make it thinner.

With the same leather, there are 4 sizes of minimum leather cases, minimum wallets, and tote/shoulder bags.

List of PINT leather

The color is black, the shape is simple, and the paper is thinly made to create a balance that does not make the material too strong.

PINT Leather Minimum Wallet Leather Case Aging
Aging of leather. Left is brand new, right is about 2 years old (no maintenance).

Genuine cow leather Himeji leather

body |Width 38 x Height 24 x Depth 12cm
handle |Width 2.5 x Length 45cm

1 inner pocket


[About handling]
・As with other leather products, if it gets wet, it may cause color transfer or stains. Applying a commercially available waterproofing spray for leather can reduce the degree of damage. Please use according to the usage of the waterproof spray.
・There are no specific precautions for this leather when it comes to care. It will be the same as general leather products.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・You can see related products from the # list below the "Add to Cart" button.

It is a natural leather, and especially in the case of this leather, it is a strong material with a rich expression, so there are individual differences. Although we try to avoid large scratches during production, there may be scratches or color unevenness within the range that leather craftsmen judge to be good products. In particular, we try to avoid it from appearing on the front, but it may enter the back. This leather has a particularly strong expression and is a material that changes greatly over time. We believe that the characteristics of this leather are attractive, so we use it as it is in areas where it does not interfere with use or durability. If you are looking for a plain beauty or uniform appearance, it may not suit your needs. We will send you a simple photo of the stock item.