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  • 【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple
  • 【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple
  • 【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple
  • 【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple
  • 【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple
  • 【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple
  • 【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple
  • 【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple
  • 【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple
  • 【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple
  • 【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple
  • 【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple
  • 【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple
  • 【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple
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【new】enrica モヘアシャギーニット purple

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Enrica's 100% cashmere classic knit.

A new type of knit that enrica specializes in. Cashmere knitwear has been around for some time, but it has become a simple, easy-to-use, and clean design while maintaining the goodness of the fabric material.

The neckline is moderately open, the collar and cuffs have a clean finish without thick ribs, the simple silhouette is not too tight, and the small slits on the sleeves are key points.

The design is very simple, but that's why the fabric shines. The fabric is light and soft, so it drapes nicely and the texture of the fabric is well expressed. While it has a mature elegance, it is light and comfortable like enrica, giving it a relaxed atmosphere .

It has thin and soft bristles and is light and smooth to the touch. There is no prickly feeling at all, and it has a pleasant texture even when it hits bare skin.

A versatile knit that is extremely easy to mix and match and can be matched with anything. For women looking for a simple knit, I would like to recommend it as a classic that will definitely be useful.

Domestic production from spinning (thread making) to knitting. Using the highest quality materials among domestically produced yarns, it is seamlessly knitted and can be worn on the front and back. In the photo, a shallow V-neck is worn in front, but if you turn it around, it becomes a crew neck.

A brand based on the theme of comfort and femininity, launched by Ms. Machida, who used to be a knit designer in Paris. We have released collections not only in Japan but also in Europe and the United States. While valuing traditional materials and techniques, as well as connections with the people we meet, we make clothes with a focus on natural materials and vegetable dyes.

A brand with a straight attitude and warmth, from the selection of materials to the sewing process, while making clothes of a very high level. We make things by spinning the edge, all domestic production. It is said that while pursuing comfort and beauty, he arrived at natural materials and natural dyeing. With such a desire for natural and sincere manufacturing, PINT decided to work together, including joint original production projects.

Enrica's clothes are characterized by high-quality materials and a mature feminine atmosphere. I would be happy if you could try it.

100% cashmere



*Until last season, it was sizefree, but it became size38 notation with the same size.

Width 45 Length 52 Collar length 72cm
*Due to the raglan sleeve shape, the "collar length" is measured from the center back of the collar to the tip of the sleeve. See photo for actual sleeve length.

model 160cm size38 wearing

[Handling and care]
Dry cleaning

Comes with enrica hanger and enrica pochette (small drawstring bag). The enrica pochette contains enrica's mini leaflet and materials (threads, etc.) used in the season collection.

*Frequently Asked Questions/Supplementary Comments*

・There are various colors for each season. Women's free size, 1 size development.