【NEW】2022年春の新作 3

[NEW] Spring 2022 new work 3

New for Spring 2022

I uploaded the new 3rd edition. Please take a look at the links on this page, which are listed in order of newest.

Cannabis long shirt, cannabis shirt 2 high density, cadi shirt (with reinforcement) new color, cadi wide shirt, SN charca kala cotton jacket, flax ramie long pants, bamboo long pants, layered bag
▼Kima clothes production
Corduroy Jacket / Corduroy Pants
▼ enrica
Cotton Silk Stole New Colors/Pants
linen stand collar jacket
▼ six-clothing (Atsushi Takamizawa)
frameporch new model・minicase・coincase
ORIGAMI RUCKSUCK, plain tote bag, triangle wear
Leather shoulder bag, minimum wallet, round bottom bucket tote
▼Miscellaneous Goods
Chopstick box, rosewood chopsticks, Ikkanbari wooden plate, Ikkanbari square tray

For this shoot, we received the cooperation of jewelry brand Nymphs. All the accessories used in the styling of the products on this page are Nymphs. There are many parts that overlap with PINT's ideas and products, such as the use of materials and designs, and they tightened the overall coordination and complemented the clothes and accessories. PINT does not handle and sell accessories, so please see Nymphs' website for details. https://www.nymphs.jp/