Collection: Yakijime coffee series

A series of baked coffee utensils that do not use glaze, produced by Nankei Seitouen, a kiln in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture that specializes in making teapots and tea utensils.
・Coffee dripper (white/black)
・Brass stand ・Coffee server (white/black)
・Mug (white/black)
There are 4 types, and you can use them in combination as you like.

The coffee dripper and brass stand are basically used as a set, and you can choose the coffee server and mug cup according to the amount. Of course, if the size matches, you can match it with the tableware you have.

The texture of the baked earth and metal, and the feeling of layering simple parts create a pleasant tension that stretches your spine. Of course there is a sense of stability, so don't worry. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the time to brew coffee slowly rather than wanting to drink coffee quickly.

Please enjoy the minimal design and the texture and aging of each clay and brass.
Yakijime coffee series