Collection: enrica (ladies)

A brand based on the theme of comfort and femininity, launched by Ms. Eiko Machida, who was a knit designer in Paris. We have released collections not only in Japan but also in Europe and the United States. Specializing in natural materials, vegetable dyeing, and knit products, We make clothes using traditional materials and techniques.
A brand that has a straight attitude and warmth, from the selection of materials to the sewing process, even though it has a high degree of design. All products are produced in Japan, and the product tag shows the production area of ​​yarn, fabric, and dyeing. It is said that while pursuing comfort and beauty, he arrived at natural materials and natural dyeing.
With such a passion for natural and sincere craftsmanship, PINT introduces initiatives including joint original production projects.
Enrica's clothes have high-quality materials and a mature feminine atmosphere. It is soft and gentle to the touch and comfortable to wear, but it has a balance that does not become loose and casual.
enrica (ladies)