Collection: Kima clothing production

Ms. Kima does everything from designing, patterning, to sewing all by herself.
Based in Kyoto, it was originally made to order for events, one by one. After holding events at PINT's Kyoto store, the base type (the line-up we are introducing now) was so good that we decided to handle it as a standard item.
Although there are many basic clothes such as coats and pants, most of them are available in one unisex size (two sizes for shirts). of course Although it is worn with a wide silhouette, it is really well balanced, and like Mr. Kima himself and the owner of PINT, men around 180cm to small women can wear the same size without feeling unreasonable. A silhouette and a feeling of air along are born.
A photo of the flight jacket worn by Marilyn Monroe is said to be one of the image sources. It is a one-size-fits-all garment that is designed for women to wear a larger size.
All hand-stitched buttonholes, Please enjoy the details such as the hand-embroidered serial number and cufflinks on the cuffs of the top.
Kima clothing production