Collection: PINT and Cotomono collection

Cotomono's "Triangle Wear"
The artist himself became a model and was photographed with PINT together with the clothes handled by PINT (photographed by Ryo Nakatsuji). It is also used in Cotomono's triangular wear web and leaflet.
Triangle Matou is a bag that can be said to be both a bag and clothes. It is oriental and unconventional in terms of perspective and construction. Depending on how you wear, attach, hold, and match your clothes, you can show a wider range of expressions.
Most of PINT's clothes are unisex, and there is no gender. Clothes with margins that can be worn freely and matched with the various clothes you have now.
Such PINT clothes and triangle wear are very compatible, and you can feel the neutrality of each, and you can see it as an image of various ways to wear and use.
On this page, you can see the clothes used to style Misumi Matou. Styling photos are from " Cotomono | Triangular Wear " Please see the Triangular Matou product page.
PINT and Cotomono collection