Collection: PINT and Ryusu collection

A tour order meeting for Ryuso Nui Shoe Shop, which is held regularly at the store. (There is no sale on the web)

Over time, the number of customers who are fans of Ryuso have also increased to choose clothes and miscellaneous goods from PINT. Ryuso and I often wear and use the items in our store, and I feel that we and our customers are having a good cycle.

In order to convey that feeling, I put together the clothes in the PINT and Ryuso's shoes, and took a lot of photos with Mr. Ryu=Kubo of Ryuso Nui Shoe Shop as the model, and Mr. Takashi=Horiba. Miscellaneous goods are sold at the workshop of Ryuso Nui Shoe Shop "Shoe box" only). Please see the article list link below.

Long Chong Sewing Shoe Shop

PINT and Ryuso collection article list

PINT and Ryusu collection