Collection: less than furniture

"Less than furniture" proposed by PINT. As the name suggests, it is not furniture, but it can be used as furniture.
PINTIt's a personal preference of the store owner, but ever since I started living alone, I've been living without the desire to buy so-called lifelong furniture. Depending on the number of people living and the environment, the house and floor plan changed, and there were many moves. Under such circumstances, I didn't want to bring large furniture, and I wanted to be able to use the space freely in a small house and move around easily. was making I liked the fact that it was easy to store and use, and that I didn't have to worry about owning a large item.
When I opened a physical store in Kyoto, I didn't buy so-called fixtures or furniture, and built the store with legs, boxes, and tables on top so that I could freely change the layout.
When we started selling our products while actually using them in our stores, we were able to offer a wider range of choices than we had imagined, from single households to families, as main or sub-furniture for home use, or for use in stores. I was.
It is this "less than furniture" series that actually started sales in this way. I would be happy if you could enjoy each of them while combining them with the furniture you have.
less than furniture